EICMA 110th Anniversary: Celebrating a Century of Old and New Two-Wheel Innovation

EICMA 110th Anniversary

In 1914, a pioneering event took place at the Kursal Diana in Milan, marking the beginning of a journey that would profoundly shape the world of two-wheelers. This event was the first edition of what we now know as EICMA, the International Exhibition of Two Wheelers. Over a century later, EICMA celebrates its 110th anniversary, a testament to its enduring legacy and pivotal role in the evolution of motorcycles and bicycles.

International Exhibition of Two-Wheelers

This milestone not only reflects on a rich history but also shines a light on the future of two-wheeled transport. The unveiling of a celebratory logo, designed by the renowned Lorenzo Marini, marks the commencement of a year filled with special events and initiatives, underlining EICMA’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the world of two-wheelers.

EICMA History

Top Key Points

  • The International Exhibition of Two Wheelers (EICMA) is wrapping up its successful 2023 edition and gearing up for its 110th anniversary in 2024.
  • EICMA has unveiled a special logo to mark this milestone, and it has announced a year of special initiatives and events to celebrate EICMA logo
  • The logo was created by artist Lorenzo Marini, and it is meant to convey speed, travel, and emotion. Marini said that he did not want to simply draw a number, but rather to tell a story with his design. He chose yellow to represent light, the sun, and energy, and black to represent the track, the path, and the wheel.
  • EICMA President Pietro Meda said that the presentation of the logo is just the beginning of a year of surprises and novelties. He said that EICMA is a unique story in the world and that this milestone deserves to be celebrated in a big way. He also said that by looking at EICMA’s roots and the value of its history, the organization can better look to the future.

Lorenzo Marini EICMA Logo

The celebration of the 110th anniversary of EICMA, the International Exhibition of Two Wheelers, is indeed a significant milestone in the world of motorcycling and bicycling. The event’s long history, beginning in 1914, highlights its importance and evolution alongside the two-wheeler industry. The introduction of a special logo to mark this anniversary, designed by Lorenzo Marini, symbolizes more than just a number; it represents the journey, emotion, and evolution of the industry over more than a century.

Motorcycle Show Milan

The theme “The art of two wheels, for 110 years” wonderfully encapsulates the blend of technology, design, and passion that the two-wheeler industry embodies. The choice of colours in the logo – yellow for light, energy, and the sun, and black for the track, path, and wheel – further emphasizes the dynamism and enduring nature of this industry.

Two-Wheel Innovation

EICMA’s commitment to not only celebrating the past but also looking forward to the future is evident in the anticipation of special initiatives and events throughout the year. This approach honours the event’s rich heritage while also embracing innovation and new developments in the two-wheeler sector.

As we reflect on EICMA’s history and its impact on the two-wheeler industry, it’s clear that this event has been more than just a showcase of products; it has been a pivotal platform for the evolution of mobility, design, and technology in the realm of motorcycles and bicycles. The 110th anniversary is not just a celebration of a milestone but a testament to the enduring passion and innovation that drive this industry.


As EICMA closes its doors on its 110th anniversary edition, it leaves behind a legacy illuminated by innovation, passion, and progress. This year’s celebration, marked by the unveiling of a unique logo symbolizing the art and emotion of two-wheeled travel, has set the stage for a future as dynamic as its past.

EICMA’s journey through 110 years has not just been about showcasing two-wheelers; it has been about narrating a story of human aspiration, technological advancement, and the unbreakable bond between riders and their machines. As we look forward to the future, EICMA stands as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us that the journey of two wheels is an ongoing saga of adventure, freedom, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.


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