Scorpion Sports' EXO Tech Evo Pro New Helmet Unveiled at EICMA

Scorpion Sports’ EXO Tech Evo Pro

EICMA, the renowned motorcycle show, serves as a global stage for the latest advancements in motorcycle gear and technology. This year, in Pavilion 13, Stand P80, Scorpion Sports—a prominent South Korean brand specializing in motorcycle helmets—presents its latest innovation: the EXO Tech Evo Pro helmet.

This product stands out not only for its cutting-edge design and features but also for its commitment to enhancing rider safety and comfort. As we explore the unique aspects of this helmet, it’s clear that Scorpion Sports is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in motorcycle safety gear.

Motorcycle Helmet

Top key points of the EXO Tech Evo Pro helmet:

  • Double P/J homologation (integral and jet): This means that the helmet can be used both as a full-face helmet and as a jet helmet.
  • Ultra-TCT fibre shell: This is a new, advanced material that is designed to be both strong and lightweight.
  • Large Speedview visor with Pinlock 120XLT MaxVision system: This provides a wide field of view and excellent fog-free performance.
  • 180° magnetic opening mechanism: This makes it easy to open and close the helmet with one hand.
  • Large upper air intake with tension spring: This provides excellent ventilation.
  • Aerodynamic design: This prevents the generation of annoying negative air vortices when used in a jet configuration.
  • Speakers for Bluetooth communication: These can be integrated into the helmet for hands-free communication.


Scorpion Sports, a South Korean brand known for producing motorcycle helmets, is presenting their new EXO Tech Evo Pro helmet at Pavilion 13, Stand P80 of this year’s EICMA. This helmet boasts several innovative features:

  • Double P/J Approval: It has been approved for both integral and jet use, providing versatility and safety in different riding conditions.
  • Ultra-TCT Fiber Shell: The helmet uses advanced materials for its shell, offering enhanced protection without compromising on weight.
  • New Design and Large Speedview Visor: The helmet features a fresh design, complemented by a large Speedview visor. This visor incorporates a Pinlock 120XLT MaxVision system, ensuring clear visibility under various conditions.
  • 180° Magnetic Opening Mechanism: One of the standout features is its 180° magnetic opening mechanism, which enhances the practicality and ease of use.
  • Upper Air Intake with Tension Spring: There’s a large upper air intake equipped with a tension spring that can be easily operated with a simple touch, improving air circulation inside the helmet.
  • Aerodynamics and Bluetooth Speaker Integration: The helmet’s design includes an aerodynamic study that not only enhances its performance but also allows the integration of speakers for Bluetooth communication. This feature is particularly useful for riders who value connectivity on the go.
  • Prevents Negative Air Vortices in Jet Configuration: The design also addresses the issue of negative air vortices, which can be a nuisance when the helmet is used in its jet configuration, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Ultra-TCT Fiber Shell with Dual P/J Approval

The EXO Tech Evo Pro thus represents a significant step forward in helmet technology, combining safety, comfort, and modern features to cater to the needs of contemporary motorcyclists.

Key Analysis

The key analysis of Scorpion Sports’ EXO Tech Evo Pro helmet, as featured at EICMA, focuses on several critical aspects that set it apart in the motorcycle helmet market:

  • Safety and Certification: The double P/J approval for integral and jet use is a significant feature. This certification indicates the helmet’s versatility and safety in various riding conditions, which is a crucial factor for riders who use their helmets in different environments.
  • Material and Construction: The use of Ultra-TCT fibre for the shell demonstrates a commitment to using advanced materials that offer superior protection while maintaining a lightweight design. This balance is essential for rider comfort and fatigue reduction during long rides.
  • Visibility and Eye Protection: The inclusion of a large Speedview visor equipped with the Pinlock 120XLT MaxVision system is a standout feature. This system ensures clear vision in various weather conditions, reducing the risk of accidents due to impaired visibility.
  • Innovation in Design: The 180° magnetic opening mechanism is a notable innovation. This feature not only enhances ease of use but also reflects the brand’s commitment to integrating user-friendly features into their designs.
  • Ventilation System: The large upper air intake with a tension spring that can be operated with a simple touch demonstrates an advanced approach to helmet ventilation. Adequate ventilation is crucial for rider comfort, especially in warmer conditions or during intense riding.
  • Aerodynamics and Communication: The helmet’s design includes aerodynamic considerations that prevent negative air vortices, particularly important when used in a jet configuration. Additionally, the integration of Bluetooth speakers for communication is a response to the growing demand for connectivity among riders.
  • Market Positioning and Brand Reputation: Scorpion Sports’ introduction of the EXO Tech Evo Pro at a prestigious event like EICMA positions the brand as a leader in innovation within the motorcycle helmet industry. It demonstrates their commitment to advancing helmet technology and improving rider experience.

Speedview Visor with Pinlock 120XLT MaxVision

The Scorpion Sports’ EXO Tech Evo Pro helmet, as showcased at EICMA, comes with its own set of pros and cons:


  • Dual Certification for Safety: The double P/J approval signifies its versatility and safety for both integral and jet configurations, making it suitable for various riding styles and conditions.
  • Advanced Material: The Ultra-TCT fibre shell offers robust protection while maintaining a lightweight profile, enhancing comfort without compromising safety.
  • Enhanced Visibility: The large Speedview visor with the Pinlock 120XLT MaxVision system ensures clear visibility in different weather conditions, which is critical for rider safety.
  • User-Friendly Features: The 180° magnetic opening mechanism enhances practicality and ease of use, a significant advantage for regular riders.
  • Effective Ventilation System: The large upper air intake with tension spring allows for easy operation and better air circulation, improving rider comfort during long rides.
  • Aerodynamic Design: The helmet’s design reduces negative air vortices, especially in jet mode, leading to a smoother riding experience.
  • Integrated Bluetooth Speakers: This feature caters to the modern rider’s need for connectivity and communication on the go.


  • Price: Advanced features and materials may make this helmet more expensive than basic models, potentially limiting its accessibility for budget-conscious riders.
  • Weight: Despite the use of lightweight materials, the added features like Bluetooth speakers and the robust visor system might add to the overall weight, which could be a concern for some riders.
  • Complexity in Maintenance: With more sophisticated components, such as the magnetic opening mechanism and integrated electronics, maintenance and repairs might be more complex and costly compared to simpler helmets.
  • Potential Over-reliance on Technology: The integration of Bluetooth and other advanced features, while beneficial, may lead some riders to rely too heavily on these conveniences, potentially distracting them from the primary task of riding safely.
  • Size and Fit Issues: As with any helmet, there could be challenges in finding the right fit for every head shape, which is crucial for ensuring maximum safety and comfort.
  • Aerodynamics vs. Speaker Integration: While the aerodynamic design is a plus, the integration of speakers could potentially affect the helmet’s overall aerodynamic profile.

The EXO Tech Evo Pro helmet is a high-tech, safety-oriented product with numerous advanced features to enhance rider experience. However, its price, potential weight, and maintenance complexity might be drawbacks for some users.


The EXO Tech Evo Pro helmet by Scorpion Sports, showcased at this year’s EICMA, represents a significant leap forward in motorcycle helmet technology. Its blend of safety, practicality, and advanced features like the 180° magnetic opening mechanism, large Speedview visor with Pinlock system, and the integration of Bluetooth communication speakers set a new standard in the industry.

The helmet’s thoughtful design, which includes features to prevent negative air vortices and a large upper air intake, demonstrates Scorpion Sports’ dedication to rider comfort and performance. This innovation is not just a step forward for Scorpion Sports but a giant leap for motorcycle safety and rider experience. As riders continue to seek gear that meets their evolving needs, the EXO Tech Evo Pro stands as a testament to what’s achievable in modern helmet design.


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