Honda launches a CL300 bike in China, and it’s a complete stunner

 Honda launches a CL300 bike in China, and it’s a complete stunner

Honda took the stage in 2022 at the EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan, Italy. 

The motorcycle brand had something big in store for its fans when the curtain lifted on its model – a scrambler bike with a retro design. Honda introduced its ‘scrambler’ style motorcycle CL500 at the event.

In addition, it came out with another bike variant called the CL300 and unveiled it in China.

The CL500 and CL300 came with a retro-inspired design and Honda’s renowned reliability and engineering.


Rebel 300 platform

Honda’s CL500 and CL300 are the newest additions to its growing list of motorcycles. These bikes follow typical Honda characteristics while at the same time adding a vintage feel to them.

The CL500 is based on the Rebel 500 platform. And so, the CL300 is based on the Rebel 300 and will be introduced on the global market.

Honda had earlier filed the CL300 trademark, so it was evident that Honda would unveil the CL300 in China.

The new CL300 arrives in two variants, and you can differentiate both Standard and Premium with its aesthetics and finish.

The new Honda CL300 gets power from its single-cylinder 286cc single-engine with a six-speed transmission, makes 25.7hp, has a top speed of 125km/h and weighs 171kg.


The Honda Cl300 is a Dual Purpose motorcycle built to provide a comfortable ride while cruising along your favourite roads or winding through the local trails.

The CL300 bears a minimalist design similar to that of the standard motorcycle, making it one of the few Honda models to feature retro lines gets an upright stance compared to the Rebel 300 and is designed more for stability than for handling and agility based on its 1,488mm wheelbase.

With the scrambler seat, the CL300 gives a more rigid and meaner impression than any other Honda scrambler. The long seat is identical to that of Honda’s CL500. 

Rugged looks

This new Honda CL300 as it appears to be with a redesigned subframe to give it a taller stance. The muscular and chiselled fuel tank provides a stern look. When it comes to exhaust, it is high-mounted, similar to CL500.

Honda has yet to announce the price of the new CL300 in China. As far as the question of Honda bringing CL300 to India is concerned. Honda will not get CL300 to India anytime soon due to two reasons.

  • Honda CB300F is already present in India.
  • Second, Honda may not want to sell another 300cc bike in the Indian market, where it is not the market leader.

via iMotorbike


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