Some custom motorcycle builds rework a factory design or opt for classic cafe racer styling. Some even try their hand at retro-futurism or neo-modernism. Few choose a style so far from the norm as to seem out of the left field: Transformer Replicas. And yet, that’s just what Reza Hussain (RH Customs) opted for when he envisioned his latest creation – The Bumblebee Honda X4.

Aesthetics are often one of the deciding factors in the birth of any custom build, but when you create a bike that is bigger on the inside than the outside — as did Reza Hussain of RH Customs with his Honda X4 — break time for style is over before it’s even begun.


Bumblebee custom Honda X4

If you’ve watched a Transformers film in the past fifteen years, there’s no doubt that you’ve caught at least one glimpse of Bumblebee. Whether it be his iconic yellow Volkswagen Beetle design or his more recent “Bash&Crash” muscle car disguise, Bumblebee is nowhere near the nimblest or the strongest of all Autobots. Still, he never fails to bring a smile to our faces with his fearless humour and easily identifiable vehicle mode.

This particular custom Honda X4 was seen by the editors of various web magazines as a cool project, with one even saying it was “the result of an amazing idea”. This statement might seem like hyperbole, but it was created by someone who knows this market. 

With the RH Customs being bedazzled by Bumblebee, the idea of a custom that would look impressive or mentioned in any feature regarding famous bike customizers was what the doctor ordered. And somebody decided to go all out.

The custom features a Honda X4 that has been repainted and sports a new, slightly muscular look. The yellow paint job and the Autobot logos on the sides make this vehicle a perfect match for Bumblebee and his teammates. The customization continues beyond there.


The custom

RH Customs embraced the Bumblebee theme while custom-building something genuinely unique. Consistently mixing mechanics with a bit of morbidity is a trick that the designers of RH Customs have mastered—a company that crafts customized motorcycles. Now, if you see the headlamps, they are yellow LED substitutes for Bumblebee’s eyes.

The perfect marriage of Hot Rod and space Autobot, the Bumblebee-inspired X4 is the brainchild of RH Customs. Striking a delicate balance between function and form, the RH Customs “Bumblebee X4” rewards close study.

Hidden details

Hidden details are a homage to the newest iteration of Bumblebee’s Camaro disguise, and exposure of the bike’s internal components expands upon a shared mechanical design. The X4 is more than a movie tie-in; it is an attention-grabbing custom motorcycle that pairs American muscle with Japanese machinery.

Bumblebee is the heart of the Transformers film universe. He’s been featured in almost every instalment, giving screenwriters nostalgic references to make their robots feel as transformable as they’ve depicted onscreen.

The X4 is a homage to this ramshackle hero. While the build uses accurate mechanicals, it gets impressive craftsmanship and graphics that help it stand out from the rest of the club.

via RH Customs and Yanko Design

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