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The range of perspectives in designing electric motorcycles is genuinely captivating. Ultraviolette, for example, is taking it to the next level by sharing the entire design process of the F77 on its YouTube channel. 

Witnessing the creation of such a beautiful machine is truly remarkable, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future – even if it is currently only available in India. The possibilities are endless.

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Electric world

The electric motorcycle design world is a fascinating realm boasting many perspectives. For example, established manufacturers like KTM have extensive experience with combustion motorcycles. 

However, talking to Motorrad KTM and Pierer Mobility CEO Stefan Pierer recently expressed scepticism regarding the viability of larger, high-powered electric motorcycles. The evolution of the industry, and potential shifts in opinions, will be intriguing to observe over time.

He believes electric power may be advantageous for commuter bikes and smaller-range two-wheelers. Still, it is improbable high-powered performance motorcycles from any of our present brands will adopt this technology. Instead, he is convinced e-fuels will be the more efficient solution for reducing emissions in such vehicles.

Cover-Honda electric


Ducati and Energica

Despite any disagreement from Energica, even a traditional OEM like Ducati does not ignore the idea. Energica has surprisingly withdrawn from the MotoE championship, and Ducati has confidently stepped in to take over. Since then, Ducati has impressively provided updates on developing their new V21L electric race bike.

It is essential to understand a racing prototype and a street bike are vastly different. Nonetheless, all OEMs participate in racing must implement the expertise they acquire from it into their production models. 

This is a crucial step towards improving the quality of their products and keeping up with the competition. Failure to do so would be a significant setback for any company wants to stay ahead in this industry.

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Honda has, indeed, taken a considerable amount of time to disclose its electrification strategies. Nevertheless, the latest news reveals the company is considering the development of high-performance electric motorcycles. Notably, Shinji Aoyama has confirmed Honda Racing Corporation is creating such motorcycles for the racing industry.

Given the former American Honda CEO has been leading Honda’s global electrification program since late 2021, it’s safe to say he possesses the most comprehensive knowledge on the subject.

Honda’s Electric Motorcycle

A trustworthy source revealed Honda’s current plans for brand electrification during an interview with Young Machine. According to the informant, Honda is actively developing an electric motorcycle will match the specifications of a 500cc- to 750cc model. The launch of this motorcycle is anticipated shortly, potentially as early as 2025.

The new Honda bike represents a striking improvement compared to the conventional electric scooters and 125cc-equivalent electric bikes. 

While less vigorous than the high-powered sportbikes dominate the market, it undoubtedly represents a significant step forward, perfectly aligned with what most riders use for their daily commute. Honda’s decision to focus on this market is a smart move.

More possibilities

Aoyama mentioned something else caught my attention – Honda is researching the development of solid-state batteries for future EVs. This is an area of interest for other big players like BMW and Ford. It’s hard to predict the future for Honda, but seeing what they come up with is exciting. You can read the full interview on the Young Machine link in our sources.

Source: Young Machine



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