Honda’s brand-new electric scooter is a lot more affordable.

Honda’s brand-new electric scooter is a lot more affordable.

In the pursuit of perfection, it is not uncommon for engineers to realize that the best solutions are found when they break the conventional mould.

For electric mobility pioneer Honda.This meant using a unique approach in designing their two-wheeled urban transportation solution, the U-BE.

Combining the best features of a motorcycle and scooter into one clever vehicle.Honda set out to accomplish something that had never done before.


The Japanese company is best known for producing some genuinely iconic automobile models.And ones that will cost you an arm and a leg if you were musing over buying one.

However, what Honda has been doing lately should draw more attention.As the company is increasingly entering the “active mobility” department.

It could be seen as a natural progression from their two-wheeled vehicles: motorcycles. However, active mobility devices like the U-BE are much different from motorcycles.


Developing an efficient vehicle capable of effortlessly gliding through crowded city streets. Without compromising on performance.

The Honda U-BE Electric Scooter is a prime example of a motorcycle architected with urban sprawl in mind.

The Japanese manufacturer has built upon the popularity of its earlier designs to form the U-BE.

U-BE features

A lightweight scooter gets a 350 W permanent magnet motor and achieve the top speed of 15.5 miles per hour.

An electric scooter is an exciting product. While most manufacturers are trying to woo customers with fancy tech and design.Honda has gone a different route with the U-BE.

It was a deliberate choice—the fact that riders can step off the scooter and into their office. Coupled with the U-BE’s status as an active mobility device.

It also translates to a more straightforward charging process.Which further helps justify its less than 1/3 price tag of its more premium sibling—the U-GO.


The U-BE comes less as a scooter that may not be as feature-laden as the rest. But it certainly gets the job done.Besides, this simplicity imbues the U-BE with an undeniable charm.A fact that isn’t lost in Honda.

A lower version gets a 48V-15Ah unit with a range of 55 km.While the version at the middle gets 48V-20Ah, which has a 70 km range.

However, the top version gets an 80 km range with its 48V-24Ah lithium-ion battery.

As far as pricing is concerned, it starts from $480 (406 Euro).



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