2023 Japan Mobility Show: Honda’s Vision of the Future

Honda is gearing up for the 2023 Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo, and it’s looking both to its rich history and the future to make an impression. The company’s theme for this year’s display is the “Honda Dream Loop,” a nod to its storied history and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of mobility.

Dreams are in Honda’s DNA

While dreams and nostalgia certainly play a part in Honda’s showcase, the company is making it clear that its eyes are set on the future. From concept vehicles to near-production-ready models, Honda is demonstrating a future of sustainable, innovative, and user-friendly mobility solutions.


On Two Wheels: The Electric Future
Honda is showing a keen interest in electric two-wheelers:

  • Honda Mobile Power Pack e: A swappable battery system that powers electric vehicles like the EM1 e:, Benly e:, and Gyro e:.
  • SC e: Concept: A new electric motorbike that takes design cues from the EM1 e: but promises better speed and range. While details are scarce, it may use a dual-battery system.
  • Sustaina-C and Pocket Concept: Drawing inspiration from the 1980s Honda City and Motocompo combo, these concepts aim to provide urban electric solutions that are both efficient and stylish.

Other Noteworthy Projects

Honda is going beyond just two-wheelers:

  • Fuel Cell Module: An innovation aimed at harnessing hydrogen to generate electricity for a variety of models.
  • Robotics and Autonomous Tech: From work vehicles to personal mobility solutions, Honda is exploring ways to make life easier and more efficient.
  • Ashirase: A truly unique innovation, this in-shoe navigation device is designed to aid the visually impaired in navigating their surroundings.

Getting There
If you’re looking to attend the event, tickets are available exclusively online. Prices range from $18 (advanced purchase) to $20 (same-day). Children can attend for free with an accompanying adult, and there’s a special after-4 p.m. ticket for just $10. Check out the official website (linked in sources) for all the details.

Final Thoughts
While concept vehicles and technologies often promise much, it remains to be seen how many of these innovations Honda can bring to market. However, one thing is clear: Honda is deeply committed to reimagining the future of mobility.

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