Honda’s recent teaser video on its social media channels has left us eagerly anticipating its upcoming launch. This launch will introduce a stylish and sleek scooter; we believe it could be a 125cc version of the Dio.

Honda teases new launch; likely to be a new scooter

Key features that we can expect from the upcoming Honda 125cc scooter:

  • 125cc engine: The scooter will likely be powered by a 125cc air-cooled engine, similar to the one found in the Activa 125. This engine produces 8.30 PS of power and 10.4 Nm of torque.
  • LED headlamp: The teaser video shows a sleek LED headlamp, likely a standard feature on the scooter.
  • Digital instrument cluster: The scooter will also likely get a digital instrument cluster, displaying information such as speed, fuel level, and trip meter.
  • Underseat storage: The scooter is expected to have a large under-seat storage, which can easily accommodate a full-face helmet.
  • Disc brakes: The scooter will likely get disc brakes on both wheels, improving braking performance.
  • Smartphone connectivity: The scooter could also get smartphone connectivity features, such as Bluetooth and navigation.

The teaser video offers a glimpse of the scooter’s floorboard, side panels, headlamp, and front mudguards, indicating that it will be an impressive and stunning ride.


Despite Honda already having two 125cc scooters in its lineup, namely the Activa 125 and the Grazia 125, we are confident that this new scooter will cater to a different audience, possibly bridging the gap for India’s youth.

 Here are some potential pros and cons of the rumoured 125cc scooter from Honda:


  • Power and Performance: A 125cc engine would provide more power and performance than smaller engines, allowing for better acceleration and higher top speeds. This can benefit riders who require more power in their daily commute or for occasional long rides.
  • Youthful Appeal: If the new scooter is a 125cc version of the Dio, it could attract a younger audience. The Dio has always been known for its sporty and stylish design, and adding a more powerful engine could make it more appealing to the youth segment.
  • Comfortable Commuting: Scooters are often preferred for their ease of use and convenience in city commuting. A 125cc scooter would provide a comfortable and smooth ride, especially on highways and open roads, making it suitable for riders who use their scooters for daily commuting or occasional longer trips.


  • Cost: Scooters with larger engines are generally more expensive. If the new scooter is a 125cc variant, it might come with a higher price tag than smaller engine options. This could deter budget-conscious buyers or those looking for a more affordable option.
  • Fuel Efficiency: While a larger engine can offer more power, it might come at the expense of fuel efficiency. 125cc scooters tend to have lower fuel efficiency than their smaller engine counterparts. This could be a concern for riders who prioritize fuel economy or have a limited budget for fuel expenses.
  • Handling and Maneuverability: Scooters with larger engines can be slightly heavier, affecting their manoeuvrability, especially in crowded city traffic or tight parking spaces. However, modern scooters are designed to balance power and manoeuvrability, so the impact may not be significant.


The rumoured 125cc scooter from Honda has the potential to bridge the gap between the youth-oriented Dio and the 125cc segment.

However, official announcements and detailed reviews from Honda would provide more accurate insights into the scooter’s actual features, performance, and overall value proposition.



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