Like the rest of Europe and Canada, Toni Bou is dealing with a freezing winter. To keep himself fit, he’s been using the icy conditions to his advantage. Bou has regularly shared photos of him riding through snowdrifts on his Honda Africa Twin on social media. 

It is not without good reason, however. According to reports.The Spaniard has been training for the Trials World Championship.Set to take place this coming May — in preparation for another title win.

We know Toni Bou is a professional trials rider and the reigning FIM Trial World Champion. He’s also known for riding indoor obstacle courses barefoot.Jumping his Honda Africa Twin like a big dirt bike.And performing freestyle stunts like no one else. This time, he’s we see him training in snowy landscapes.


2022 Trial World Championship

The Spaniard has been one of the most active riders in the world of social media over the past few years. Throwing down huge tricks on a previously unseen scale. 

Thanks to his latest video. Toni Bou Trains In Snow Ahead Of 2022 Trial World Championship, it’s become clear that even the harshest conditions can’t break Bou.

He is also not afraid of failure in the pursuit of bettering his riding and balancing. With 30 titles in his kitty world champion shared a video of his latest training session on social media. During which he tried unsuccessfully to land a box jump and crashed.

If there’s one thing we have learned from videos of Toni Bou shredding muddy trails.It’s that the young Spaniard has an incredible ability for bike control. He can do things on his motorcycle that no other rider can. 

Do you think you can ride your bike through the snow? You might want to reconsider after watching this video of him riding through 3 feet of the white stuff. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you — that is snow, and he’s riding in the middle of it without a care in the world.

via Dirtbiker and FIM

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