It’s great to hear about the exciting developments at Husqvarna in 2023. The brand’s 120th anniversary is a significant milestone, and it’s impressive to see how they have continued to thrive in the off-road motorcycle industry. Since being acquired by KTM’s parent company in 2013, Husqvarna has experienced a resurgence with the release of new models.

Adventure bikes

One notable addition to their lineup is the Norden 901, an adventure bike that has garnered attention from adventure enthusiasts. Based on the KTM 890 Adventure, the Norden 901 combines ruggedness and style, further solidifying Husqvarna’s reputation in the off-road segment.


KTM has also announced its return to EICMA (the biggest motorcycle expo in the world) after a three-year absence. While KTM initially did not mention Husqvarna, it has now been confirmed that Husqvarna will join KTM at the event. This suggests that Husqvarna has some exciting updates and new models to showcase.


In line with their anniversary and the EICMA event, Husqvarna has updated many of its models for the 2024 model year. This includes the Enduro and Motocross models, likely to take centre stage during the exhibition. Furthermore, the Norden 901 and 901 Expedition and the 701 Enduro and Supermoto models are expected to be showcased, offering enthusiasts a glimpse into the future of Husqvarna’s off-road offerings.

It is an exciting time for Husqvarna and KTM, with their participation in EICMA 2023 and the introduction of updated models. Off-road enthusiasts and motorcycle fans can look forward to these respected brands’ latest innovations and designs.

About EICMA 2023

EICMA, short for Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori (International Cycle and Motorcycle Exhibition), is one of the motorcycle industry’s most significant and anticipated events. It is held annually in Milan, Italy, and showcases the latest motorcycles, accessories, and technologies from worldwide manufacturers. EICMA serves as a platform for companies to unveil their new models, concept bikes, and innovative advancements in the motorcycle sector.


EICMA attracts motorcycle enthusiasts, industry professionals, journalists, and exhibitors from various countries. It offers an opportunity for attendees to explore a wide range of motorcycles, from street bikes to off-road machines, electric motorcycles, scooters, and custom builds. The event covers all aspects of the motorcycle world, including motorcycles for racing, touring, adventure, and urban commuting.

Manufacturers often choose EICMA as a venue to launch their new models or make significant announcements. It’s a chance for companies to generate excitement, showcase their technological advancements, and interact with enthusiasts and potential customers. EICMA provides a platform for networking, business opportunities, and collaboration within the motorcycle industry.


The exhibition features motorcycles and displays of accessories, apparel, gear, and aftermarket products. Visitors can explore booths from different manufacturers, participate in interactive presentations and demonstrations, and witness spectacular motorcycle shows and stunts.

EICMA 2023, in particular, is expected to be an eventful year for the motorcycle industry. With the return of KTM and the confirmed participation of Husqvarna, enthusiasts can anticipate exciting new releases, updated models, and perhaps surprising unveilings. 

It’s an event that motorcycle enthusiasts and industry professionals eagerly anticipate as they glimpse the future of motorcycles and witness the latest innovations and trends.


EICMA 2023 will likely be a fantastic platform for motorcycle enthusiasts, industry insiders, and manufacturers to come together, celebrate the passion for two-wheelers, and experience the best motorcycle world offers.

Source: Webikeworld and MS

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