The Paton S1-R Lightweight is a highly regarded and dominant force in the Supertwins class of Isle of Man TT. It is a street-legal replica bike that offers impressive performance and features. 

The motorcycle is powered by a tuned and fettled 649cc Kawasaki ER6 engine, known for its reliability. The chassis is made of a steel tube frame, with a TIG-welded aluminium swingarm and aluminium fuel tank. The fairing is fibreglass, while the fenders, belly pan, battery cover, and undertail piece are carbon fibre.



Top-notch components

In terms of components, the Paton S1-R Lightweight features top-quality equipment. Suspension duties are handled by Öhlins, with a 43mm FGRT 204 fork at the front and TTX30 piggyback shocks at the rear. Brembo provides the braking system with M4-108 radial front callipers, a 19 RCS radial front brake master cylinder, and a Brembo P34C rear calliper. The bike also comes with TK brake discs and aeronautical braided stainless steel brake lines.

The Paton S1-R Lightweight comes with various stock components, including Valter Moto clip-ons and footpegs, Domino controls, OZ Piega forged aluminium wheels, Metzeler Racetec RR tires, a full SC Project exhaust, a Race Seats seat, Rizoma LED turn signals and mirrors. Additionally, optional upgrades are available, such as a full carbon fibre fairing, OZ Racing Cattiva magnesium wheels, a titanium SC-Project two-into-one exhaust, and more.



Pricing for the Paton S1-R Lightweight is higher, reflecting its premium components and performance. As of June 2023, the price is $26,787.15 ( €24,900), comparable to or slightly lower than the cost of some high-end sportbikes like the Ducati Panigale V4 S ($31,595). 


  • Type: Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 180° parallel twin
  • Displacement: 649 cm²
  • Maximum Power: 53 kW (72,1 cv) @ 8500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 7 kgm (64 Nm) @ 7000
  • Curb Weight: 165 Kg
  • Saddle Height: 810 mm
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 16 litres
  • Top Speed: 220 km/h



Pros of the Paton S1-R 

  • Racing Pedigree: The Paton S1-R has a strong racing pedigree and has dominated the Supertwins class in the Isle of Man TT since 2017. It is a proven and successful racing machine.
  • High-Performance Engine: The bike is powered by a tuned and fettled 649cc Kawasaki ER6 engine, known for its reliability and performance. The engine provides strong power delivery and is suitable for racing and street riding.
  •  Premium Components: The Paton S1-R comes with top-quality components such as Öhlins suspension, Brembo braking system, Valter Moto, OZ Racing, and Rizoma parts. These components contribute to the bike’s excellent handling, stability, and stopping power.
  • Customization Options: The bike offers various customization options, including engine tuning services, carbon fibre fairing, different seat options, magnesium wheels, and more. This allows riders to tailor the bike to their preferences and optimize its performance.
  • Lightweight Construction: With a steel tube frame, aluminium swingarm, and carbon fibre components, the Paton S1-R is designed to be light. This contributes to its agility and nimble handling characteristics.


Cons of the Paton S1-R 

  • Limited Availability: The Paton brand and its models, including the S1-R, are less widely available and well-known than other sportbike manufacturers. This may make it challenging to find dealerships or support in certain regions.
  • High Price: The Paton S1-R is a premium sports bike, and its price reflects that. With a cost comparable to or slightly lower than high-end sportbikes like the Ducati Panigale V4 S, it may only be affordable for some riders.
  • Lack of Street-Legal Features: While the Paton S1-R is street-legal, it is primarily designed as a racing machine. As a result, it may offer a different level of comfort, practicality, or convenience features found in other street-focused sportbikes.
  • Limited Brand Recognition: Paton is less widely recognized and familiar to mainstream motorcycle enthusiasts than other well-established brands. This could affect the resale value and aftermarket parts and support availability.
  • Intended for Racing: The Paton S1-R’s focus on racing performance may be a better choice for riders looking for a versatile or everyday street bike. Its aggressive riding position, stiff suspension, and race-oriented features may not suit all types of riding or riders seeking a more comfortable experience.


The Paton S1-R Lightweight is a highly capable and impressive sportbike renowned in the racing community. Its dominance in the Isle of Man TT Supertwins class and the quality of its components make it an attractive choice for enthusiasts seeking high performance and exclusivity.

Source: Paton

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