Since January 2020, Corona Virus has taken the world on its ride, by not only bringing the economy down but also by putting many lives in danger.

The virus pandemic has affected every field due to massive lockdowns across various countries.

Here we are talking about the motorcycle market. The lockdown has threatened to sell the BS4 inventory in India as the last date, 31st March 2020.


Total BS4 inventory, which still remains unsold, is of Rs 2,500 Crores.

However, we are sure that the Indian government must be thinking about this. 

Now each and every motorcycle manufacture are closing there manufacturing plants. These manufacturers are Okinawa Scooters.


They have a plant in Rajasthan that will remain close until further until the government and all workers in the manufacturing unit will be on paid leave, the company added.


TVS in another company that will halt all its operations in India and in Indonesia. The company said that all relevant employees have already been provided with Work from Home (WfH) facility.

Source : Auto Economics Times
Pic Source : Wikipedia

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