First Update 

A month go we provided you updates about Hades 1. The updates also had How team Curtiss is working to make final preparations for the prototype. That will be used for intensive validation and tuning this Winter.

Likewise, their manufacturing partner, Fast Radius, is busy creating all the proprietary components. Again that will be used on Hades 1 based on finalized CAD data.

Second Update

A few days ago we received more updates about the new Hades 1. Hades 1 is promising to be a lightweight, easy and fun to ride machine crafted from aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium.


Visit there Technical Page here to view the manufacturing drawings that are being turned into hard parts.

Third Update

Hades 1 is limited to only 45 copies with JT Nesbitt working on it. He is an acclaimed designer who had joined Curtiss in June 2018 and had unveiled the first design of Hades. The design JT Nesbitt had unveiled is as below.

Fourth Update 

This is the final update as Curtiss Motorcycles are set to reveal the full and new reservation deals  that will begin on their refreshed website on Wednesday, November 27.

Source : Curtiss 

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