The M V Agusta Rush was released in EICMA 2019. The Brutale 1000 inspired Rush has below specs. What makes it looks so cool is the sports bike stance with cafe race-style structure. Effectively that makes one aggressive looking streetfighter.

  • Rush gets a new LED headlight.
  • The rear wheel gets a circular disc with letters 04 on it.
  • Exhaust system comes from SC-Project.
  • Ohlins USD fork.
  • Brembo brake system.
  • The maximum bike is covered in black with a thick red outline.
  • Gets 208bhp of power and 116.6Nm of torque.

The rear looks very sharp like an arrow. The paint scheme has three different shades with red mostly used for the outer boundary lines that look distinct and sharp.

Much of the bike is covered with black and with a pillion seat like structure that is made in red. The Rush looks chunky and gets Ohlins while brake consists of Brembo Stylema calipers with 320mm discs upfront. The Rush will be retailed at € 34,000.

Source : M V Agusta

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