Kawasaki to terminate the ZX-14R model after 2020

 Kawasaki to terminate the ZX-14R model after 2020

When compared with its Japanese rivals. Kawasaki takes a step ahead by adding a plethora of variety under its brand.
We are talking about motorcycles as Kawasaki is also famous for Jet Ski, utility vehicles, ATV’s and making Jet Fighters.

It is important to see how this brand evolved since its inception in 1896. Now we also see one more important aspect that is Kawasaki bringing the high-end technology in their motorcycles.

The alphabet ” Z” means ” Ultimate” and the Z series was started with 1972. The Hyper sports bike evolved from 2005 with the name ZZR 1400 (ZX-14R). That quickly became cult due to its chunky and aggressive looks of 3 on 1 side headlight.

The bike has some humongous specs like 1,441cc, liquid-cooled, in-line four motors with 210PS of power including RAM air and 158.2Nm of torque.

The current ZX-14R is not Euro 5/BS6-compliant plus Kawasaki has brought new paint schemes like new Metallic Diablo Black / Golden Blazed Green. That does mean the specs are not updated.

However, the bike is going out of fashion and we may see a suitable update from Kawasaki shortly.

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