EICMA gets to see a new upgraded 1290 Super Duke R that gets more horses and upgrade in a few other components that we will take a look at.

The 1290 Super Duke was born in 2014 and it had 150.7. However, it was updated in 2017 that received updates in terms of power that boasted around 177 hp. The new Super Duke gets 3 hp of more power that meant it churns an output of 180 horses straight compared with the earlier version.

KTM this time had focused more on the design and chassis aspect of the package however other components to being revised.


The design gets an entire new swingarm plus the handling has been improved a lot plus usage of central strut rather than using the hinged strut is one of the trademarks of this bike.

A revised frame and new exhausts make the 1290 Super Duke not only appealing but that also improve performance on the other side. Screwed on casting is used at the rear a Euro 5 compliant with sleek and curve lines that make it look more stylish.

The front is compact and more aggressive with trademark alien-looking headlight. The weight is reduced from 195 to 189 kgs.

Wp-Apex Suspension, MTC traction control, Pasc anti-hopping clutch with both wheels getting Brembos. The capacity of the fuel tank is reduced from 18 to 16 liters with an increase in ground clearance by 2 cm. It also gets ABS with Supermoto mode.

The bike comes in two paint schemes Black/Gray and Orange/Blue with the trademark orange frame. Price is still under the hood.

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