Aprilia always surprises everyone and this time it has surprised more on its 10th birthday of their supersport segment they have to build a model RSV4 X that makes 225 hp and weighs just 165 kgs and is limited to 10 copies. Each copy will cost 39,900 Euros.

The RSV4 X is established on the same platform as RSV4 1100 Factory of Aprilia is. The RSV4 1100 Factory of Aprilia is a race breed that produces 217 hp. However, the new RSV4 X is capable of making 9 hp more compared to its sibling RSV4 1100 Factory.

What does RSV4 X get?
  • From the SBK World, the RSV4 X gets sharper camshafts.
  • To increase the performance parameter, the engined is specially designed with votes from the racetrack.
  • The Akrapovic exhaust system is added with carbon end pot features a special sprint filter which is not only best in the motorcycle market as per Aprilia as well it is widely used in MotoGP.
  • RSV4 X incorporates a transmission in which the idling is below the first gear and which also comes directly from the MotoGP. 
  • Aprilia ANN (Aprilia No Neutral) is another novelty that helps the rider to switch faster from first to second gear.
  • RSV4 X also comes with Brembo with the fully milled calipers GP4-MS.
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