TVS Racing and KidZania’s partnership to introduce India’s first young racers program is an excellent initiative to promote motorsports among young children. The program aims to provide a platform for children to explore their passion for racing and hone their skills from a young age.

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Through this program, children will have access to world-class racing simulators and other training tools to learn the basics of racing. The program will also educate children about safety measures and responsible driving. Children will learn how to navigate through obstacles and race on various terrains.



Furthermore, the program will help children to develop crucial skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving, which are essential for success in any field.

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KidZania’s immersive environment and role-playing activities will make learning about racing an exciting and engaging experience for children. The program will provide children a fun and safe environment to learn about racing and develop their skills.


The TVS Racing and KidZania’s young racers program is an excellent opportunity for children to unleash their racing DNA and explore their passion for motorsports. It’s an initiative that promises to nurture the next generation of champions and inspire young minds to pursue their dreams.

Source : TVS

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