Is the Ninja ZX-25R engine too much for the new Kawasaki Z250RS?

 Is the Ninja ZX-25R engine too much for the new Kawasaki Z250RS?

It appears that it is likely to be launched on September 17th. The new Z650RS will be sold at the end of 2021, and the latest information on its development has reached us. 

Kawasaki is close to the launch of the Kawasaki Z650RS, a motorcycle in the latest retro style. And there has been a constant stream of rumours coming out. 

The next generation of this series will be the Z250RS in a small class, but the power is outstanding with a four-cylinder engine.

Most bike enthusiasts look for the most powerful bike on the block. They are always searching for a bike that is very high in specs. 

But, not all are aware of the importance of spec differences.

 Technically speaking, the differences are important because it has to meet the rider’s expectations about its efficiency on performance. 

Now, you might be wondering if the 2022 Kawasaki Z250RS may arrive with the same engine as the Ninja ZX-25R. Well, it may happen.

The ZX-25R has an inline 4, 249.8cc, DOHC fuel injection system that makes 50 PS at 15,500 rpm.

And can maximum go till 51 PS at 15,500 rpm when combined with ram air, and the maximum torque is 22.9 Nm at 14,500 rpm.

However, Kawasaki may adjust the horsepower and torque as per the naked motorcycle.

via Motorida

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