Danilo Petrucci would be interested in Dakar Rally 2022

Danilo Petrucci would be interested in Dakar Rally 2022

But what about MotoGP racers who have chosen to challenge themselves with other dirt-based racing disciplines? 

Over the years, there have been a few, though only two have chosen the Dakar Rally as their next big challenge.

One of those riders is present-day MotoGP competitor Danilo Petrucci.Who was previously known as one half of the incredible duo that represented Ducati in MotoGP for several years and now with KTM.

Speculations are rife that he might be on board one of their Dakar bikes for the 2022 edition of the race. 

One of the primary reasons he is offered this opportunity is his history of racing KTM bikes in MotoGP. 

The Austrian-based motorcycle manufacturer has good reasons. To believe that Petrucci will be the perfect rider to showcase their off-road racing prowess.

Petrucci to Dakar Rally 2022

While most of us who aren’t big fans of the Dakar Rally wouldn’t. See this as a surprise or a change of pace from MotoGP to Dakar, it is a huge transition. 

The fact that Petrucci is seriously considering it means a lot. 

While he’s likely going to start as a rookie. Is experience in both MotoGP and across various motorcycle categories would probably. Give him the necessary skills to succeed at Dakar.

A KTM contract offer is already made,” Petrucci shared with Motorsport. “I ended last year like this, and I don’t want to make any hasty decision.

We all know that next season will be crucial for me.If I continue to progress the way I did this year.I could achieve great goals. 

Therefore, deciding to race in another competition isn’t something to be taken lightly”.

via Motosport

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