iPhone use affects motorcycle safety; Apple warns riders

 iPhone use affects motorcycle safety; Apple warns riders

A new warning from Apple suggests making sure not to mount the iPhone on the motorcycle. It might affect how your camera performs. 

Some iPhones’ camera systems include optical image stabilization and closed-loop autofocus to capture great photos even under challenging conditions.

But experts have confirmed that exposing an iPhone to high amplitude vibrations can cause damage and lead to poor image quality.

But if you mount your iPhone on a motorcycle, you deprive the OIS system of a stable surface. 

It causes a discrepancy between the angle of the gyroscope and that of your hand’s natural shaking. The result is blurry photos from unintentional camera movement.

Optical image stabilization (OIS) provides steady images when you take photos or videos with your iPhone.

But if you already have a motorcycle mount for your iPhone, there’s no need to buy an OIS mount since your current mount likely has OIS built in.1 

That means you can attach your iPhone to your motorcycle without worrying about shaky images.

Additionally, some iPhone models have closed-loop autofocus (AF).2 Closed-loop AF resists the effects of gravity and vibration to preserve sharp focus in stills, videos, and panoramas. 

With closed-loop AF, on-board magnetic sensors measure gravity and vibration effects and determine the lens position to set the compensating motion accurately.

It seems the team at Apple had no idea about this issue until now. At least, they didn’t realize how much of an inconvenience it was. 

What’s even more perplexing is that the team at Apple has put out a warning saying that using your iPhone on your motorcycle can seriously affect road safety. 

It’s advised to use smartphone mounts instead of holding your iPhone on the handlebars or dashboard of your bike.

via AppleMacrumorsThe Verge

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