What Apple is for Creativity, Hazan is for Custom Motorcycles. Well, the name is pretty synonyms when it comes to how motorcycles are supposed to take shape.

In 2018, we had a heartful chat with Max on the phone. 



Max was busy with his schedule when we started having a dialogue with him, and he said. 

Why don’t we give him a call after his meeting while he is commuting from a city? And he can talk about his ideas and stuff about how he has built his customs.

While we talked with Max on the phone, we were looking forward to writing down his views. 

And his ideas about how he builds aesthetically beautiful customs and push you to think, WOW, can these types of customs be created? While having a conversation on the phone, we said to Max.

“Max, we saw pictures of your Supercharged KTM going viral on the internet a few years ago. 

And we felt we wanted to talk to the person who had built this bike, and we believe this is the moment, and Max started laughing”.

His zeal continues, and what we see now is his new build, Velocette Mac. 

The story of Velocette Mac is quite interesting as he gets the 349 cc engine from eBay. They built the engine between 1946 and 1959.

While his search for the second motor ends in England.

Velocette Motors

On this particular custom, we get to see two motors. The toothed belt connects these two motors, and the transmission of the power takes via the clutch.

Further to drive the compressor, we see the belt comes toothed on both sides.

Pressure on these two motors is put with the help of the Eaton TVS R 410 compressor. It comes with 50 hp of power.

In short, we see the two Velocette cylinders, matchless four-speed gearbox and the Eaton supercharger all integrated with the help of a toothed belt.


The nicely made hand made tubular frame comes from chrome steel and comes wrapped around the package.

Max uses lightweight; however, high strength steel to build the trapeze fork. What more, the frame tubes get the housing ventilation which also goes back to the oil circuit.

We do see the Webb forks helps dampen via hydraulics. The hand made low handlebar gives a glimpse of handlebars used in the early racing bikes.

The front-wheel consists of two aluminium components integrated with the help of the spokes and steel bushes.

Each side gets the V brake and three cork brake shoes. We see the same on the rear wheel, which receives the drum brakes; however, the rear wheel has a two-part triangular swing arm made from chrome steel.

The rear wheel comes tied to the frame in an eccentric fashion. Now Fox air-sprung damper is one component that does it all.

Fuel tank

Further, the fuel tank made up of an elongated sheet metal bubble aligns with the entire package. We see two metal fuel caps gets many eyes.

While one side gets the oil tank, the other side has the fuel tank. By pushing the air pressure into the tank acts as the pressure vessel.


The seat comes made from leather with not one but twelve layers. There is no pillion seat; however, the rear end comes tapered. The single exhaust pipe comes neatly stacked under this seat. 

To conclude, the entire build is the output of one creative craftsman Max Hazan.

Photos by Shaik Ridzwan


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