Walt Siegl builds a mindboggling e-bike concept, ‘ Rontu.’

 Walt Siegl builds a mindboggling e-bike concept, ‘ Rontu.’

For more than a decade, Walt Siegl has been one of the most prominent figures on the custom motorcycle scene. Back in Austria at a very young age, he left art school.

His job profile includes working in various countries with various capacities.

  • In France, he worked as a shunter in a train yard.

  • As a Toolmaker and welder in Germany, Austria and Italy.

  • While working with the Austrian Steel company, he received an opportunity to work in the Austrian Foreign Service in Moscow.

  • After getting transferred in 1985 to New York to promote Austrian Art and Culture for the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

    With a passion for building motorcycles lurking back of his mind.

    At this time, Walt started spending his time building motorcycles for himself and friends in
    a basement in Long Island City.

The passion made him move his workshop and his family to Southern New Hampshire. Where he started to build motorcycles full time.

We got a chance in 2019 to talk to Walt and understand his work. As sis new work. Which is the e-bike concept ‘Rontu’, arrives in Haas Moto Museum

We talk more about it.


The bike was named “Rontu ” in honour of Walt Siegl’s loyal canine companion. The stunning custom e-bike consumed one whole year of intense creativity. And brilliant fabrication by “the master” himself (pun intended!). 

Installed a few days ago in the @HaasMotoMuseum.Rontu weighs in at a mind-boggling 100 pounds. Rontu boasts a monocoque frame. It is a recipe of chrome-moly, carbon fibre, and aluminium ingredients. 

RONTU is living proof that a motorcycle’s design may be defined more by its lack of bodywork than by the bodywork itself.

Walt Siegl

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