Sarolea MANX 7 : The Electric Thunder

 Sarolea MANX 7 : The Electric Thunder

Over half a decade now, Sarolea has featured at the Isle of Man TT, alongside another good number of electric bikes. Though Sarolea has always had the good results to back up its fame, it had its apex in 2017 when Dean Harrison struck the 108mph milestone. It was the best time the company had ever had in this competition.

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Making sure it has a blend of all the experience they had on the roads, the Sarolea MANX7 was brought to life. Its conceptual design makes it one of its kind. Basically, the Sarolea MANX7 is going to be the 2018 jewel for the company.

The MANX7 is entirely covered with Carbon Fiber and one has got to admit that the aesthetics of the machine speak for itself. Though not everyone may enjoy the design, the fan base definitely says otherwise. With a retro design that hides so many features of the bike in plain sight, one can’t help it but appreciate the great works.

Sarolea Manx7 on Isle of Man TT

If a bike novice was to set eyes on the Sarolea SP7 and then on the MANX7, he or she may be tempted to say that both bikes are the same, some even go as far as saying that they are somehow identical. However, that is not actually the case. Although both bikes share a couple of features in common, they also have their differences.

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For instance, the mounting of the rear shock has been modified as compared to what was on the race bike. Same holds for the bodywork which has been reasonably smoothed out and refined but generally, the basis remains unchanged.

As of what concerns the ideas that are race-oriented, some of those ideas are still on this bike too. One of which is most renowned is the system that controls the chain tightening. Its working principle is to move the motor mount back and forth, instead of just adjusting the rear sprocket which rather has a fixed position on the swing-arm that is made of carbon fiber. In as much as the idea is a good one, it somewhat influences the stability of the bike.

Sarolea MNX7 Lemans Test with Dean Harrison 2

Sarolea MANX7 Test at Le Mans by Dean Harrison

Actually, tightening the chain directly affects the center of gravity of the bike. On the other hand, this means that the swing-arm has less unsprung weight. This is simply because all the component that help in moving the axle in the rear are absent. Well, this is one of those situations where the biker will have to choose between stability and performances, just a racing trade-off!

Another very amazing feature of Sarolea MANX7 is the manner in which the rear brake caliper is mounted. Unlike other bikes, the rear brake caliper is embedded into the swing-arm. The mounting of the foot pegs should not be forgotten as they are mounted to the “cage” of the motor and protrude from the swing-arm and it has cutouts so as to permit the arm to articulate properly. I have never seen quite a clever motorcycle conception.

Sarolea MANX7 Test at MotoGP – Aragon

The motor has 161 horsepower in stock. It is an air-cooled, brush-less DC motor. It has a battery pack that comes three different power ratings. (14kWh, 18kWh and 22kWh.) With the battery of 22kWh, the Sarolea can cover close to 205 miles (330 kilometers).

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As the icing on the cake, especially considering the technological advancements, Sarolea has made the battery pack as one which can be removed and replaced. This just goes more to backup how much thought was put into the conception of this design.

The suspensions of the bike were done by Öhlins. The Sarolea MANX7 comes with a TTX36 shock at the rear and FGRT-200 forks in front. One of the most renowned companies when it comes to brakes is the Beringer and this is the company that made the brakes used on this bike. As for the wheels, they are OZ Racing’s Gass-R forged aluminum pieces which are then attached to Dunlop rubber .

Sarolea MANX7 Test at MotoGP – Aragon

If you enjoy what you have read and understood so far, then you will have to go an extra mile in order to make such a priceless bike can become yours given that the Sarolea MANX7 isn’t cheap. As expected, the price varies according to the battery pack. Starting at €42,975 for the 14 kWh model, the 18 kWh model goes for €46,280, while the 22 kWh model bring the value at €48,760.

Well, the price does not mean the bike will be extremely heavy as it is said that the 22kWh version weighs just about 478 lbs(217 kg) .

Pic and Video Courtesy : Sarolea

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