Japan gets Moto Guzzi V7 III Special 

 Japan gets Moto Guzzi V7 III Special 

About V7 III Special 

The V7 III Special gives a distinctly artistic impression . With side cover stripes reminiscent of the 1975 V750 S3 and fuel tank graphics.

The aluminum rim of the spoke wheels is polished, and the hub is painted black. The instrument panel uses a twin-lens meter. With a tachometer and comes standard with a chrome-plated passenger grab rail.

Seats with dark brown skin are embroidered with the MOTO GUZZI logo, and tack rolls emphasize the 70s style.

The V7 is the most critical model in the Moto Guzzi lineup. Since its first release in Italy in 1967, the V7 has become the core of its list. And has grown to be the leading Italian motorcycle.

With outstanding performance and design, it has gained high popularity from a wide range of users.

Top Retailer

Moto Guzzi introduced the third generation V7 III last year, 2017, a milestone of 50 years. The V7 has been Moto Guzzi’s top retailer since 2009.

Playing the role of entry model to Moto Guzzi. And proud to own it for young men and women alike at Mandello del Lario.

It is one that symbolizes the motorcycle that is produced. As with the V7 II compared to the original V7.The improvement of the V7 III is carefully considered to be worth the additional Roman numerals.

It is always conscious of Moto Guzzi’s Le Mans and California.Who continued to be accessible and long sellers. V7 III has the potential and ability to continue to be a bestseller.

Maintaining two values ​​that are indispensable to be loved over time: invariant characters and authenticity.

The V7Ⅲ series with the new engine offers a 10% increase in peak power.But mere performance gains are not the main objective of the V7 improvements.

The third-generation “750” from Mandello continues to be Moto Guzzi’s entry-level model .With reduced size and weight in the category, making it easier to ride.

In Japan, it gets a price tag of 1,177,000 yen.

Source : Moto Guzzi Japan

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