Back in October 2019, Kawasaki officially unveiled the Z H2 Supercharged, the naked beast that has 197 bhp of power.

Kawasaki had already partnered with Bimota, and the Z H2 created a lot of news in the motor world. Also, we received the spy shots of Z H2 before few days of the official announcement.

Below are the specs of the new Z H2. It will compete against the like of Ducati Street Fighter V4 and M V Agusta Brutale 1000 Serie Oro.


Now we compare the two versatile bikes from Kawasaki. They are 2020 Z H2 and 2020 Ninja H2 SX SE.One is faired while the other is naked.

Comparison of Z H2 and Ninja H2 SX SE

Z H2 / Ninja H2 SX SE

Engine system

  • Injector: 38mm × 4 / 40mm × 4
  • Torque: 137Nm / 8,500rpm / 137.3Nm / 9,500rpm


  • Length: 2,085mm / 2,135mm
  • Overall width: 810mm / 775mm
  • Height: 1,130Mm / 1,205Mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,455mm / 1,480mm
  • Seat height: 830mm / 835mm
  • Weight: 240kg / 256kg
  • Front travel: 120mm / 103mm
  • Rear Travel: 134mm / 120mm


  • Front caliper: Brembo M4.32 / Not a Brembo (probably NISSIN)
  • flame
  • Swing arm: both- sided / cantilevered
  • Cornering light: No / Yes
  • Probably before and after suspension
  • wheel
  • Meter

Appearance comparison

The comparison GIF image on the right. It is quite compact. The exhaust system is another thing. 

The comparison GIF image on the left has a double-sided swingarm, so it looks thin. 

The position is upright in comparison but quite low. By the way in naked. There are very few parts of the frame. A type that gains rigidity with the engine?

Main differences between Z H2 and Ninja H2 SX SE

Z H2, but compared to H2 SX SE.

  • No cornering light
  • Wheels are normal
  • A-frame that looks light
  • Double swing arm
  • Headlights are the same as Z250 / 400 series
  • Meter is a standard meter
  • Firearms are also common
  • Upgraded to Brembo calipers
  • The overall texture is modest compared to the H2 system (administrator’s subjectivity)

It is the lowest price with the H2.Now the late Ninja H2 SX (unbranded) was 1.85 million yen before tax. Z H2 is 1.72 million yen before tax.

We guess the use of common parts has considerably reduced costs. We also compare it prices in Japan.

Both the bikes look intimidating and robust. We talked about the lowest price for the H2 system, but it was 1.892,000 yen, which does not reach the 1.9 million yen level. It is costly, but the bargain is fantastic.

By the way, it is cheaper than Versys1000SE (1903,000 yen, including tax). Motorcycles with superchargers are also becoming familiar. 

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