Top key points of Kia’s EV plans for India

  • Kia has trademarked eight new electric vehicles (EVs) in India, suggesting that the automaker could have its entire born EV portfolio in India in the future.
  • Kia’s flagship electric model, the EV9, is slated to arrive in India sometime next year.
  • The EV6 crossover is already on sale in India, and the EV5 will be launched soon.
  • Kia is also expected to launch a Seltos-sized upright SUV in India, which will likely be called the EV4 upon debut.
  • Kia is expected to reveal more details about its future EVs at its upcoming EV Day event on October 12, 2023.

KIA EV5 Concept

Kia Electric

Kia is charging ahead in the electric vehicle (EV) race, and India is squarely on its radar! Here’s what the brand has unveiled and what we’re eagerly waiting for:

  1. Models on the Horizon: Kia has trademarked names for eight electric vehicles, from EV1 all the way to EV9. This move speaks volumes about Kia’s intention – they might be bringing their full EV suite to India.
  2. How They Stack Up: The model names, from EV1 to EV9, tell us about their hierarchy. While the EV1 kicks off the range, the EV9 stands tall as the brand’s flagship electric vehicle.
  3. Models We Can Drive:
    • EV6: If you’re in India, you’ve probably seen the EV6 crossover gliding on the roads. Yes, it’s already here!
    • EV5: This 4.6-meter SUV just made its grand entrance. Although China gets the first taste, Kia promises to share the EV5 love with other global fans soon.
  4. The Big Reveals Ahead:
    • Mark Your Calendars for EV Day: October 12 promises to be a day of electric revelations! Kia is gearing up to spill the beans on its trademarked models.
    • EV4’s Debut: International roads recently witnessed a Seltos-sized SUV zipping around, likely the EV4. We’re betting on more juicy details come EV Day.
    • A Mysterious Coupe-Crossover: Kia teased us with a silhouette that’s eerily similar to the EV6. Those flashy LED elements caught our eyes, but we’re left guessing about its size.
  5. The Unsolved Mysteries:
    • We’re still in the dark about the exact look or size of the remaining four EVs.
    • And the million-dollar question: Which of these electrifying models will light up the Indian roads?


Kia’s aggressive strides in the EV sector signal a paradigm shift in the automotive landscape. With a blend of unveiled models and intriguing teasers, the company is not just hinting at its commitment to electrification, but actively showcasing it. As India stands on the cusp of an EV revolution, Kia is positioning itself as a front-runner, ready to lead the charge. The upcoming EV Day is more than just an event; it’s a testament to Kia’s vision of a greener, electrified future. For auto enthusiasts and eco-conscious consumers alike, the future looks not just electric, but exhilarating!


The Final Word: As October 12 inches closer, the anticipation is electric! Kia’s EV Day 2023 promises answers, revelations, and a peek into an electric future. Stay tuned, India!


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