Piper Moto J1: The Super Scooter Engineered By A Formula One Prodigy

The realm of scooters is often dismissed as being low-powered, practical city commuting machines. However, John Piper, an ex-Formula One engineer with experience at renowned outfits like Williams, Benetton, and ProDrive, begs to differ. He introduced the world to the Piper Moto J1, which he dubs as a “super scooter.” A deeper dive into the scooter’s specs proves this isn’t mere marketing banter.

Top Key Points

  • Piper Moto J1 is a super scooter designed by ex-Formula One engineer John Piper.
  • Powered by a 690cc KTM LC4 Duke single-cylinder engine that makes a claimed 67 horsepower.
  • Features a zero to 60 time of 4 seconds flat, a top speed of 120 mph, a dry vehicle weight of 160 kilograms (about 352 pounds), and a perfect 50-50 weight distribution thanks to the mid-mounted engine positioning.

Main Highlights

  • Engine Power: Powered by a 690cc KTM LC4 Duke single-cylinder engine, the J1 pushes out an impressive 67 horsepower. For a scooter, this is groundbreaking.
  • Performance: The J1 can sprint from zero to 60 in just 4 seconds and boasts a top speed of 120 mph.
  • Weight & Balance: With a dry weight of 160 kilograms (352 pounds), it has achieved a 50-50 weight distribution, largely due to its mid-mounted engine.
  • Design and Aesthetics: The J1 doesn’t just impress with its performance; it’s a looker too. It seats two, with the seats positioned perfectly, one behind the other. The styling is an artful blend of the classic and modern, and the ventilation ducts in the front fairing surrounding the cockpit enhance its appeal. The scooter incorporates a tubular steel frame and bodywork made from a pressure-cured, carbon and epoxy-woven composite.
  • Wheel & Tires: Unlike the standard 12 to 14-inch scooter tires, the J1 stands on 17-inch spoked wheels, offering greater tire options when replacements are needed.
  • Components & Suspension: In terms of components, the J1 is outfitted with top-tier parts including Brembo brake callipers both front (four-piston, radial-mount) and rear (single piston floating) paired with 320mm and 240mm brake discs respectively. The suspension setup includes a 43mm upside-down WP fork up front and a billet aluminium swingarm in the rear equipped with a concentric spring and an Exe-TC remote two-way damper reservoir.
  • Gearbox: Unlike the conventional twist-and-go scooters, the J1 boasts a six-speed gearbox. Shifting gears is an electronic affair, achieved through a finger switch on the handlebar, deviating from the traditional hand-clutch and foot-shifter mechanism.

The Piper Moto J1 is currently in its prototype stage. However, if everything pans out as planned, there might be a limited production run. Those interested in keeping tabs or potentially owning this masterpiece can find more information from the sources linked.



In the constantly evolving world of mobility, the Piper Moto J1 is a testament to innovation and a bridge between the worlds of scooters and high-performance motorcycles. Crafted with the expertise of a seasoned Formula One engineer, it breaks the conventions of what a scooter can be, fusing top-tier performance with impeccable design.

Beyond its thrilling specs and captivating aesthetics, the J1 symbolizes a paradigm shift in scooter engineering and design. For those looking for more than just a ride, the Piper Moto J1 promises an experience, that redefines the very essence of scootering.

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