LaFerrari Aperta

In the echelons of automotive excellence, few cars evoke the blend of adrenaline, elegance, and exclusivity quite like the LaFerrari Aperta. When Ferrari decided to commemorate its 70th anniversary, it wasn’t with nostalgic glances at the past but with a bold assertion of the future. The LaFerrari Aperta emerged, not just as a vehicle, but as a statement—a convertible engineering marvel that defied the limitations of speed, design, and luxury.

Among the glittering lineup of Ferrari’s hypercars, the LaFerrari Aperta occupies a place of honour, a tangible echo of the marque’s racing pedigree, designed for the select few who don’t just crave, but command, unparalleled performance and rarity. With a mere 210 models in existence, the Aperta is far more than a vehicle; it is a slice of automotive history, a member of an elite bloodline tracing back to legends like the 288 GTO, F40, and Enzo.


This particular specimen, chassis number 232856, is an immaculate testament to the Aperta’s legacy. Barely touched by the ravages of the road, it is a masterpiece with just 2,072 miles to its name. It stands as a paragon of preservation, its stunning Nero Daytona cloak a whisper of countless victories on the track, its engine a thunderous ode to relentless power and innovation.


But the Aperta is not just to be observed—it is to be experienced. Behind the wheel, one doesn’t simply drive; they engage in a dialogue with decades of motorsport excellence. Every aspect of its design, from its carbon-fibre embrace to the ferocity of its hybrid V-12 engine, asserts a single, undeniable truth: this is Ferrari at its most unbridled, a confluence of art, power, and technology.


Today, we invite collectors, enthusiasts, and connoisseurs of speed to explore the story of chassis number 232856—a pristine LaFerrari Aperta that encapsulates the very essence of Ferrari. Whether for the sanctuary of a private collection or the exhilaration of the asphalt beneath its wheels, this vehicle is a celebration of passion, performance, and heritage. The journey through its lineage, craftsmanship, and spirit promises to be as captivating as the drive itself.

Limited Production

Welcome to the elite world of the LaFerrari Aperta—a world where beauty, speed, and legacy reign supreme.

This hypercar is an open-top version of the already renowned LaFerrari, blending extreme performance, technological prowess, and exclusivity.

Here’s a breakdown and interpretation of the main points and why this car is so notable:

  • Exclusivity and Condition: With only 210 units ever built, the LaFerrari Aperta is a rare collector’s item. This particular model has been barely driven (2,072 miles recorded) and meticulously cared for, making it even more desirable. Its pristine condition and low mileage are crucial in the collector car market, ensuring the vehicle’s value and appeal remain high.
  • Aesthetic and Options: The vehicle boasts an attractive Nero Daytona metallic exterior and a Nero leather interior with Rosso accents, a popular and timeless color combination. It’s equipped with high-value options including carbon-fiber details and a removable hardtop, enhancing both its performance and aesthetic appeal. These specific upgrades and the care in maintaining the vehicle’s original features increase its value and desirability among collectors and enthusiasts.
  • Performance: The LaFerrari Aperta is a technological marvel, with a hybrid engine combining a 6.3-liter V-12 and an electric motor, producing a total of 963 horsepower. This allows for astounding speed and acceleration, emblematic of Ferrari’s racing heritage. Its performance statistics compete with and even surpass other hypercars of its era, reflecting Ferrari’s commitment to always push the boundaries of automotive performance.
  • Heritage and Pedigree: The LaFerrari Aperta is part of a prestigious lineage, following iconic models like the 288 GTO, F40, and Enzo. It was created as a celebratory model for Ferrari’s 70th anniversary, adding to its historical significance. Ownership was initially restricted to existing LaFerrari owners, emphasizing the brand’s focus on exclusivity and loyalty.
  • Documentation and Provenance: The car’s history is well-documented, a critical factor in the collector car market. It includes service invoices from authorized dealers and the significant detail of an extended powertrain warranty purchased recently. Such documentation provides assurance regarding the car’s authenticity, maintenance, and care, crucial for collectors making a significant investment.
  • Collector and Enthusiast Appeal: Ideal for showing at events, this LaFerrari Aperta is also built for the road and track. It is not just a showpiece but a high-performance vehicle designed for the thrill of driving. Its rarity, condition, and capabilities make it a prime candidate for car events and private collections, appealing to both Ferrari enthusiasts and serious collectors.


In conclusion, this LaFerrari Aperta embodies the pinnacle of automotive craftsmanship, performance, and exclusivity. It is a piece of Ferrari’s history, offering collectors the opportunity to own a segment of the brand’s rich racing heritage and commitment to unparalleled luxury and performance. Whether for private collections, public exhibitions, or the sheer experience of its driving capabilities, this hypercar stands as a testament to what Ferrari represents in the automotive world.


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