The Lifan electric E4 is likely to be another success story popular with the younger generation. 

It’s a new electric scooter that was introduced to the Italian market in May this year. Modern, stylish, lightweight and versatile: these are just some of the words used to describe which comes in three different trims.


Three trims

Lifan’s growing as a company, and they have big plans for the future. They don’t just want to make great scooters and bikes. They want to be a leader in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. 

As part of that effort, they’re making all the electric hub-mounted motors used on their vehicles (including scooters, mopeds and more) in-house. 

The E4 is a fantastic scooter that captures some of the styles of the iconic Vespa but with modern features. The Lithium-ion battery gets the LG cells.

It takes approximately 3.25 hours to charge the single battery. As far as the range is concerned, it goes 99 miles (160 km) with the help of a 1900W double battery.

Both the trims arrive with 12-inch wheels and disc brakes; however, the disc brakes differ depending on the type of E4 model you choose.

Again both the trims do get the LEDs as headlights and indicators. The scooter has an alloy aluminium swingarm, steel frame, telescopic 33mm front fork, while the opposite end gets the double gas shock absorbers.

For electronics, the 1900W version has the digital LED console, while the 4,750W version comes with the TFT console. 

The 4,750 version also gets Bluetooth connectivity. Three riding modes, Sports, Eco and Dynamic, are standard on both versions.

The electric E4 range in Italy arrives only on one graphite grey shade.


  • 1,900W Single battery costs € 2,390.00 ($2,917) 
  • For double battery € 2,990.00 ($3,649) 
  • 4,750W version costs 4,290 ($5,236)



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