Lightning’s new adventure model will get you off-road

Lightning’s new adventure model will get you off-road

Nearly two years after its last significant model, Lightning Motorcycles is suddenly back on the electric motorcycle scene, with a flagship project in Brazil and a partnership with niobium specialists CBMM which they announced in February 2022.


Lightning Motorcycles, a California-based firm, has filed patent applications corresponding to designs resembling a traditional sports mix and adventure-tourer.

It’s not the only recent activity from the company known for its stunning rides. The patent documents from the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) discuss the electric adventure bike filed on February 11, 2022.


Graphic illustrations of Lightning Motorcycle’s futuristic electric Motorcycle have circulated for quite some time, but the California-based company only recently obtained design and utility patents in China. Richard Hatfield, a Lightning co-founder and current CEO, was awarded these copyrights. 

Based on their preliminary sketches, Lightning may be developing an ADV. Seeking to update its dual-sport bikes.

What do we see from these drawings?

The design patents focus exclusively on what we can see—an aggressive, futuristic profile with twin headlights, taillights and a flat handlebar, making it compatible for long rides.

However, we don’t see any information related to equipment, powertrain or mechanical specifications.


The sketches depict an ADV-like layout with a high-mount mudguard and upright handlebars. The ambitious design sketches show an extended, wide windscreen with a spacious exemplary seating area for two adult riders. The images reveal dual sport tires’ 19-inch (front) and 17-inch (rear) wheels.

When Zero Motorcycles releases their electric adventure bikes in 2023, they will finally establish the market for electric adventure motorcycles. In the meantime, Lightning Motorcycles is joining Energica and OX to take on the segment with its electric platform.


The model aims to deliver rugged performance with a modern design. It features a slightly more aggressive stance than similar Energica and OX models. We expect Lightning to bring this model soon into the market.

via Motorcycle and Lightning


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