Imagine being able to move freely through the space at will! The sensation would be more revolutionary than the most powerful sports cars. 

XTURISMO Limited Edition is their first offering to the world of air mobility and the only limited-edition product we will release. It’s an icon of air mobility which addresses its high performance and stylish appearance. 


Not that long from now, the XTURISMO Limited Edition will be circling high above Monaco’s streets. 


Since the XTURISMO prototype’s debut, A.L.I. has been busy and displayed at Suzuka Circuit in May 2022. In addition to showing off prototypes at events throughout Japan, A.L.I is currently finalizing plans for the XTurismo to be showcased at Top Marques Monaco in June 2022.

It is a direct product of the Japanese company A.L.I. Technologies have been working on it for a long collaborating with companies devoted to creating a flying motorcycle both under and above the road to enhance city traffic flow.

The creators of the world of tomorrow will be taken there by XTURISMO. The Air Mobility industry, still in its nascency, aims to become fully powered by electricity and reduce CO2 emissions by more than 50% by 2026. 

Limited edition

They are honoured to share this historic first step that will be passed down to future generations, starting with the XTURISMO Limited Edition. Illuminated by the advance in technology, our future is bright.

Pursue the exhilaration of becoming one with the space, the thrill of exploration, and the fine quality experience. The goal is to provide free reign of airspace. XTURISMO sports a rigid body, able to withstand the stress of turning and environmental conditions. 

The company also focused our development efforts on the latest drive, control, and weight reduction technologies. 

In addition to control, we have developed energy management functions to maximize the cruising time. You can travel in low altitudes as you wish and enjoy a longer duration of maximum freedom. 

Optimize the tuning until the senses are satisfied. We thoroughly pursued stability and user comfort from the first acceleration to manoeuvring to smooth landing.

One of the focuses of developing XTURISMO was its aerodynamic design; its air resistance coefficient (Cd) reached below 0.4. 

The power of XTURISMO’s Internal combustion engine is 170kW, one of the most powerful in the country, and the four battery-powered motors give a fine control, allowing for racing performance.


  • Maximum Power Output 170kW 
  • Ascent Speed/Rate of Climb 0-2m ascending in 3 seconds 
  • Top Speed 80km/h Battery Control 
  • Maximum Output 4.8kW x 4 Maximum Endurance 40minutes *when internal batteries are fully charged.
  • Power Train: The internal combustion engine and electric powered
  • Control: Autonomous control by electronic control
  • Curb Weight:300 kg
  • Dimensions
  • Overall Length: 3.7m
    • Width: 2.4m
    • Height: 1.5m
    • Range:30 ~ 40 min
  • Maximum Speed: 80 km
  • Load Capacity up to 100 kg

XTURISMO Ltd. has begun accepting orders for its limited-edition Hoverbike, which it expects to deliver soon. The initial run will consist of only 200 units, costing ¥ 77,700,000, which is $610,710. — but that could change down the road. The company gave no reason for the limitation on production.

via XTurismoTopmarquesmonaco and Ali

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