The Livaq EQUAD is an innovative electric ATV that has been making waves in the industry. This Detroit-based company’s electric 4×2 is designed to offer an off-roading experience that differs from traditional combustion-engine ATVs, providing a quieter and smoother ride. The EQUAD is notable for its impressive specifications and eco-friendly design.

Electric ATV

Key features of the Livaq EQUAD include:

  • Performance: It boasts a top speed of 67 mph, powered by two 16 kW hub motors. This speed is quite remarkable for an ATV, especially on off-road paths.
  • Range: The EQUAD offers a substantial range of 170 miles on a single charge, which is more than enough for a full day’s adventure.
  • Design: The vehicle features a modular chassis with a sleek carbon fibre body. The seats are 3D-printed, and it includes patented LED lights that are brighter than standard ATV lamps.
  • Battery: It comes with a 16kWh swappable battery, housed in a waterproof and impact-resistant stainless steel casing. The battery is capable of over 3,000 charging cycles and can be charged wirelessly.
  • Suspension and Braking: It includes a four-link rear suspension and an agile independent front system, along with hydraulic brakes for effective control on various terrains.

Off-Road Electric Vehicle

The EQUAD also integrates technology for an enhanced riding experience. The Livaq Adventure App allows riders to monitor the vehicle’s battery, receive maintenance alerts, record rides, and use GPS tracking.


However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Weight: The EQUAD is relatively heavy, weighing around 595.2kg (approximately 1,312 lbs), which might impact manoeuvrability for those accustomed to traditional ATVs.
  • Silent Operation: The lack of engine noise, typical of electric vehicles, might be a downside for enthusiasts who enjoy the traditional ATV sound.
  • Price: The EQUAD is priced at $28,500, but there are options for a 10% or 30% discount on pre-orders. Despite the higher price point compared to many conventional ATVs, it represents an investment in more sustainable off-road adventures.

Sustainable Transportation

The Livaq EQUAD electric ATV represents a significant step forward in the evolution of all-terrain vehicles, offering a blend of high performance, eco-friendliness, and innovative features. Here’s an in-depth analysis of its key aspects:

Performance and Range

  • Top Speed: With a top speed of 67 mph, the EQUAD surpasses many traditional fuel-powered ATVs. This is a remarkable feat for an off-road vehicle, highlighting its high-performance capabilities.
  • Range: Offering a range of 170 miles on a single charge, the EQUAD stands out in its category. This range is more than adequate for a full day’s adventure, making it highly practical for typical ATV use scenarios.

Design and Build

  • Modular Chassis and Body: The EQUAD’s modular chassis and carbon fibre body contribute to its robust yet lightweight design. The use of 3D-printed seats and brighter-than-standard LED lights enhances both the aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  • Environmental Considerations: By utilizing repurposed carbon fibre for body panels and a focus on recyclable materials, the EQUAD aligns with contemporary eco-friendly practices.

Battery and Charging

  • Battery Technology: The 16kWh swappable battery, housed in a durable stainless steel casing, is a key feature. Its capability for over 3,000 charging cycles and the option for wireless charging add convenience and longevity.
  • Sustainability: The emphasis on a high-capacity, efficient battery underscores Livaq’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly solutions in ATV design.

User Experience and Technology

  • Integrated Technology: The inclusion of the Livaq Adventure App, offering maintenance alerts, ride recording, and a community connection, reflects a modern approach to vehicle management and user engagement.
  • Ride Experience: The silent operation, characteristic of electric vehicles, presents a new experience compared to traditional ATVs. This could be a novel feature for some riders, although it might be missed by those who prefer the traditional engine sound.

Practical Considerations

  • Weight: At approximately 595.2kg (1,312 lbs), the EQUAD is heavier than many conventional ATVs. This could affect manoeuvrability and the overall riding experience, especially for those accustomed to lighter models.
  • Price Point: With a base price of $28,500, the EQUAD is a significant investment. However, pre-order discounts offer some financial flexibility.

High-Performance ATV

The Livaq EQUAD electric ATV presents a mix of advantages and disadvantages that cater to different aspects of ATV usage and ownership:


  • Extended Range: With a 170-mile range on a single charge, the EQUAD offers ample distance for most off-road adventures, minimizing the need for frequent recharging.
  • High Top Speed: Its top speed of 67 mph exceeds many fuel-powered ATVs, enhancing its appeal for those seeking high-performance off-road experiences.
  • Eco-friendly Design: The EQUAD’s use of repurposed carbon fibre for body panels and its electric nature significantly reduces its environmental impact compared to gas-powered ATVs.
  • Innovative Features: The integration of a modular chassis, 3D-printed seats, and patented LED lights showcase its advanced design and focus on modern technology.
  • Integrated Technology: The Livaq Adventure App enhances the user experience by offering maintenance alerts, ride recording, GPS tracking, and a community hub for connectivity with other riders.
  • Swappable Battery: The inclusion of a 16kWh swappable battery adds convenience, especially for longer trips.
  • Low Maintenance: As with most electric vehicles, the EQUAD requires less maintenance than gas-powered ATVs, potentially saving on long-term costs.


  • Heavier Weight: Weighing around 595.2kg (1,312 lbs), the EQUAD is heavier than many traditional ATVs, which could impact its manoeuvrability and the overall riding experience.
  • Silent Operation: The lack of traditional engine noise might be a downside for those who enjoy the characteristic sound of gas-powered ATVs.
  • Cost: Priced at $28,500, the EQUAD is a significant investment, especially when compared to many conventional ATVs.
  • Charging Infrastructure: Depending on the location and usage, access to charging facilities can be a limitation, especially for longer, remote trips.


The Livaq EQUAD is a revolutionary electric ATV, standing out with its impressive 170-mile range on a single charge and a top speed of 67 mph. Designed with a sleek carbon fibre body and innovative 3D-printed seats, this ATV from Detroit-based Livaq combines high performance with eco-friendliness.

Its 16kWh swappable battery, capable of over 3,000 charging cycles, enhances its utility, and features like patented LED lights and hydraulic brakes add to its appeal. The EQUAD is heavier than traditional ATVs at around 1,312 lbs, and its silent operation marks a departure from conventional ATVs. Priced at $28,500, with pre-order discounts available, it represents a forward-looking investment in off-road adventure

For those intrigued by the Livaq EQUAD electric ATV’s blend of innovation, performance, and eco-friendliness, the next step is to explore more about this groundbreaking vehicle. With its superior range, high top speed, and advanced technological features, the EQUAD presents a compelling option for off-road enthusiasts and environmental advocates alike.

If you’re considering making the switch to an electric ATV, or simply want to stay ahead in the world of off-road adventure, visit Livaq’s website for more information, detailed specifications, and pre-order options. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this exciting evolution in ATV technology. Check out the detailed articles on Electrek, HiConsumption, Carscoops, GrumpyFoot, and New Atlas for a comprehensive overview of what the EQUAD has to offer. Discover how the EQUAD can elevate your off-road experiences and join the electric revolution today!

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