GEORGE RUSSELL – The Fortunate Knight of Mercedes

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade—or in George Russell’s case, make it a win at the Austrian Grand Prix! George snagged Mercedes’ first victory since 2022, thanks to a twist of fate. But hey, let’s not discredit his stellar performance. He was like a hawk, circling his prey, ready to pounce when the moment was just right. It was a weekend where the stars aligned for Russell, proving once again that in F1, being in the right place at the right time is half the battle. Kudos to George for turning opportunity into glory!

OSCAR PIASTRI – Almost but Not Quite

Poor Oscar Piastri! You can almost hear him thinking, “Why couldn’t I be the one taking advantage of Verstappen and Norris’ bump?” Despite the missed chance, Piastri put on a solid show. Starting from seventh and finishing second, he was the comeback kid. His speed in the final laps was hotter than a jalapeño. Even if he wasn’t the top dog this time, Piastri’s performance was nothing to sneeze at. Keep your chin up, Oscar—your time is coming!

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CARLOS SAINZ – The Silent Scorer

Carlos Sainz might as well have been a ninja this weekend, silently but effectively scoring points for Ferrari. Considering Ferrari had the fourth-fastest car, Sainz’s performance was like squeezing juice out of a rock. He kept his head down, avoided drama, and brought home a respectable points haul. Carlos, you might not have had the flashiest race, but you certainly got the job done. Steady does it!

LEWIS HAMILTON – The Bogey Track Blues

Austria and Lewis Hamilton are like oil and water—they just don’t mix. Once again, the Red Bull Ring proved to be a thorn in Hamilton’s side. It was another frustrating outing for the Mercedes star, and you could almost see the steam coming out of his ears. Chin up, Lewis! Not every track can be Monaco.

MAX VERSTAPPEN – Brilliant but Bruised

Max Verstappen was cruising towards brilliance in Austria until—BAM!—a collision with Norris, and things went sideways. Despite his general awesomeness, this slip-up earned him a 10-second penalty. Verstappen’s weekend was like a blockbuster movie with an unexpected plot twist. Better luck next time, Max!

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If there were an award for the weekend’s biggest surprise, Nico Hulkenberg would take it home. Making Q3 and then converting that into Haas’ best result of the season was nothing short of miraculous. Hulkenberg was on fire, reminding everyone why he’s still a force to be reckoned with. Hats off to you, Nico!

SERGIO PEREZ – The Struggler

Sergio Perez’s European nightmare continued in Austria. Far behind his teammate and suffering from sidepod damage, Perez was never a threat. It was a weekend to forget for the Red Bull driver. Sergio, we know you’re better than this—time to shake off the slump!


Kevin Magnussen was another bright spot for Haas. His performance in the sprint race was particularly impressive, showing that the team’s hard work is paying off. Magnussen kept his cool and delivered a solid result, proving that Haas is no longer just a backmarker team. Keep it up, Kevin!

DANIEL RICCIARDO – The Quiet Achiever

Daniel Ricciardo had a quietly impressive weekend, consistently outperforming his teammate Tsunoda and securing a top-10 finish. Ricciardo’s steady hand and experience shone through, making him one to watch as the season progresses. Way to go, Danny Ric!

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PIERRE GASLY – The Race Day Specialist

While Esteban Ocon may have had the edge in one-lap pace, Pierre Gasly was the man on race day. Their battle was fierce, but Gasly came out on top, showing his mettle. It’s performances like this that keep Gasly in the spotlight. Well played, Pierre!

CHARLES LECLERC – The Unlucky Duck

Charles Leclerc’s weekend was a series of unfortunate events. An anti-stall issue in the sprint and damage on the opening lap of the race ruined his chances completely. Leclerc’s luck was about as good as a black cat crossing his path. Better days are ahead, Charles!

ESTEBAN OCON – Close but No Cigar

Esteban Ocon seemed to have the upper hand in qualifying but lost out to Gasly on race day. It was a tight battle, but Ocon couldn’t quite clinch the win. Keep pushing, Esteban—your time will come.

LANCE STROLL – The Struggler

Aston Martin’s pace was nowhere to be found in Austria, and Lance Stroll felt the brunt of it, getting knocked out in Q1. It was a weekend to forget for Stroll, who couldn’t make a mark in the race. Hang in there, Lance!

YUKI TSUNODA – Radio Rants and Poor Performance

Yuki Tsunoda’s weekend was marked by poor performance and some rather colorful radio comments that earned him a fine. It was a rough outing for the young driver, who will need to keep his cool and focus on improving. Better luck next time, Yuki!

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ALEX ALBON – The Struggler

Williams had a tough time in Austria, with Alex Albon struggling for pace. Although out-qualified by teammate Sargeant in sprint qualifying, Albon managed to restore order in the main event. Keep your head up, Alex—every point counts.

VALTTERI BOTTAS – The Consistent One

Valtteri Bottas once again showed his consistency, holding a decisive advantage over his teammate Zhou. Sauber may be the slowest team, but Bottas proved he’s still got what it takes to deliver solid performances. Nice work, Valtteri!

ZHOU GUANYU – The Struggler

Zhou Guanyu had a tough time keeping up with Bottas in Austria. It was a weekend where Zhou struggled to find his rhythm, finishing behind his more experienced teammate. Keep pushing, Zhou—you’ll get there!

FERNANDO ALONSO – The Penalty Magnet

Fernando Alonso’s rough 2024 season continued with another scrappy weekend, topped off by a 10-second time penalty. Alonso’s luck seems to be on vacation this year. Here’s hoping for a turnaround soon, Fernando!

LOGAN SARGEANT – The Qualifying Star

Logan Sargeant’s highlight was out-qualifying Albon in the sprint, but that’s where his luck ended. The rest of the weekend was less impressive, but the young driver showed he has potential. Keep going, Logan!

LANDO NORRIS – The Naive Aggressor

Lando Norris’ weekend was a mix of highs and lows. After a disappointing sprint, he tried to make up for it in the race, only to be involved in a collision with Verstappen. Norris’ aggressive approach didn’t quite pay off, but there are lessons to be learned. Keep your head up, Lando!

The Bottom Line

The Austrian Grand Prix was a rollercoaster of emotions, with unexpected twists and turns that kept fans on the edge of their seats. From George Russell’s fortuitous win to Nico Hulkenberg’s standout performance, the weekend had it all. As we gear up for the next race, let’s hope for more thrills and less spills. Until then, keep those engines revving!

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