Luca Marini Sets Sights on Factory MotoGP Seat

Luca Marini

Luca Marini is aiming for a factory MotoGP seat in the future, despite being a part of his brother Valentino Rossi’s VR46 team. The team has witnessed significant success in the current MotoGP season, especially with Marco Bezzecchi who secured both his and the team’s first win in the premier class.


Marini is transparent about his ambitions. When asked if he plans to pursue a race win and then transition to a factory team, he responded emphatically with a series of “yes” answers. Marini’s ultimate goal is to develop a bike that aligns with his riding style. Although he’s comfortable with the Ducati, he’s always looking for opportunities to upgrade and fine-tune.


Repsol Honda’s team manager, Alberto Puig, recently approached Marini about potentially joining their team in 2024. While Marini acknowledges the appeal of such an offer, he’s committed to his current contract with the VR46 team and is focused on exploiting their full potential in the upcoming races. Despite Honda not having the top bike at the moment, Marini believes the team will once again be contenders for the World Championship in the future.


MotoGP and Factory Seat

Luca Marini has openly discussed his future plans of leaving his brother’s team one day, citing the importance of forging his path. He praises his current team’s professionalism and dedication, and he believes he brings a unique sensitivity and strength to his role as a rider. Marini highlights his ability to effectively communicate with engineers in multiple languages and his resilience under pressure as some of his key strengths.


On a personal level, Marini attributes his calm demeanour to his character, upbringing, and his focus on mental growth. He takes advice from experienced individuals, including his brother Valentino Rossi, and always strives to learn, even from his competitors.

Pros of Luca Marini staying with VR46:

  • Familiar Environment: Staying with the VR46 team, which is run by his brother Valentino Rossi, provides Marini with a familiar and supportive environment.
  • Recent Success: With Bezzecchi’s recent win, the team has momentum which Marini can leverage.
  • Current Contract: Staying with the team aligns with his present contractual obligations.
  • Trust in Ducati: Marini has expressed confidence in the Ducati motorcycle, highlighting its competitiveness.

Cons of Luca Marini staying with VR46:

  • Limited Growth: If Marini’s aspirations are towards a factory team, staying with VR46 might limit his growth opportunities in the MotoGP hierarchy.
  • Potential for Better Machinery: Factory teams generally have the latest equipment and more resources for development.
  • Larger Exposure: Factory teams might offer more exposure, both in terms of racing experience and media presence.
  • Competitive Ambitions: To fully realize his ambition of fighting for a championship, a move to a factory team might be more conducive in the long run.

Pros of Luca Marini moving to a factory team (e.g., Repsol Honda):

  • Advanced Resources: Factory teams generally have better resources, both in terms of technical expertise and machinery.
  • Greater Exposure: Being in a factory team can increase a rider’s visibility, potentially leading to more endorsements and a higher profile within the sport.
  • Championship Ambitions: Factory teams are often in a better position to challenge for championships.
  • Professional Growth: The challenge and experience of being with a factory team can spur personal and professional growth.

Cons of Luca Marini moving to a factory team:

  • Increased Pressure: With greater resources comes greater expectations. The pressure to perform can be immense in factory teams.
  • Potential Compatibility Issues: Every rider has a unique style, and there’s no guarantee that a factory bike will suit Marini’s style better than the Ducati he’s familiar with.
  • Contractual Implications: There could be contractual challenges or penalties for breaking existing contracts.
  • Adjustment Period: Switching teams usually come with an adjustment period, and there’s no guarantee of immediate success.

It’s essential to note that the decision to stay or switch teams is multifaceted and will depend on various factors, including Marini’s personal aspirations, the opportunities available, and the dynamics within the MotoGP industry.


As for the upcoming 2024 season, Marini will be riding a year-old Ducati. He acknowledges that the Ducati is already one of the best machines in MotoGP. When pondering on potential improvements, Marini suggests enhancing its speed, an area where he believes Ducati engineers always have room to innovate.


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