Top key points:

  • Marc Marquez will test the Ducati Desmosedici for the first time at the postseason Valencia test on November 28.
  • This is important for Marquez to get some time on the Ducati before the start of the 2024 season, as he needs to get used to the new bike and the different handling characteristics.
  • It is also a good opportunity for him to start working with his new team and crew chief.
  • Marquez is one of the most talented riders in MotoGP, but the Ducati is a very different bike than the Honda he has been riding for the past 11 years.
  • It will be interesting to see how quickly he can adapt to the new bike and whether he can be competitive in 2024.
Marc Marquez


In the fast-paced world of MotoGP, the anticipation surrounding rider transfers and team changes is often as thrilling as the races themselves. One such momentous development that has captured the attention of fans and experts alike is the impending switch of the six-time premier class champion, Marc Marquez, from Honda to what is widely speculated to be the Gresini Ducati team for the 2024 season. Amidst this transition, a crucial date has been set – November 28, the day when Marquez will first mount a Ducati at the postseason Valencia test. This moment signifies not only a new chapter in his illustrious career but also a strategic move that could shape his performance in the upcoming season.

Marc Marquez and Honda

Marquez’s departure from Honda, ending an impressive 11-year partnership, has already been confirmed. While the official announcement of his next move is still pending, it is widely anticipated that he will be joining the Gresini Ducati team for the 2024 season.

The timing of this test is crucial for Marquez as it provides him with invaluable preparation ahead of his full integration into the Ducati team next year. This practice is common in MotoGP, where riders who are set to switch teams the following season are given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their new bikes during the postseason Valencia test.


It is worth noting that this situation differs from a past incident involving Valentino Rossi, where Honda prevented him from testing a Yamaha until the start of the new calendar year, thereby depriving him of early testing opportunities with his new team.

In conclusion, the MotoGP community eagerly awaits Marc Marquez’s first ride on a Ducati at the Valencia test on November 28. This event marks a crucial step in his journey towards the 2024 season with Gresini Ducati, and history will not repeat itself this time around, as Marquez will have the chance to test his new bike without delay.


As we eagerly await November 28 and the momentous ride of Marc Marquez on a Ducati, the motorsport world holds its collective breath. His transition from Honda to Ducati is not merely a change of team, but a symbolic shift that could redefine the MotoGP landscape. The Valencia test will serve as a crucial prelude to the 2024 season, providing Marquez with the opportunity to adapt to his new machine and forge a connection with his new team.

In a sport where every second counts, this test session could prove to be the difference between victory and defeat. With history not repeating itself, Marquez is set to make the most of this unique chance to test his new bike without delay, and fans around the globe will be watching with bated breath as the future of MotoGP takes shape on the Valencia circuit.


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