Miguel Oliveira

  • Miguel Oliveira has emerged as Honda’s top target to replace Marc Marquez in 2024.
  • Oliveira has a factory contract with Aprilia, which runs until the end of 2024.
  • Aprilia has insisted that their riders do not have release clauses in their contracts.
  • Oliveira is reportedly demanding a three-year contract and a “heavy” salary from Honda.
  • Even if Oliveira is able to agree to terms with Honda, he will still need to get permission from Aprilia to leave his contract early.
  • Fabio di Giannantonio may become an option for RNF, should they lose Oliveira.


The 2024 MotoGP season is shaping up to be an intriguing one, with Miguel Oliveira emerging as Honda’s top target to replace the legendary Marc Marquez. As the sport’s elite riders vie for coveted positions, negotiations are underway, and conditions are being set that could determine the course of this thrilling racing season. We delve into the conditions that Miguel Oliveira is relying upon to secure a place with the Honda team, shedding light on his demands, contractual intricacies, and the potential impact on the broader MotoGP landscape.

The conditions that Miguel Oliveira is relying on

  • Three-Year Contract: Miguel Oliveira is hoping for a three-year contract with Honda. This is a significant request, as it would secure his place with the team for an extended period.
  • “Heavy” Salary: Oliveira is also requesting a substantial salary from Honda. The specific salary figure is not mentioned, but it seems he is looking for a lucrative deal.


  • Permission from Aprilia CEO: Since Oliveira currently has a factory contract with Aprilia, he would need to seek permission from Aprilia’s CEO, Massimo Rivola, to complete the move to Honda. It’s not clear what conditions or negotiations would be involved in obtaining this permission.
  • Release Clause: Aprilia has stated that their four riders do not have release clauses in their contracts, which would typically make it easier for a rider to exit their contract early. However, the report suggests that there is still a possibility that Rivola may consider allowing Oliveira to leave in exchange for a financial penalty.
  • Alternative Option: If Miguel Oliveira does not join Honda, it is mentioned that Fabio di Giannantonio hopes to claim the seat for himself, potentially becoming an option for the RNF team if Oliveira departs.

These conditions reflect the complex negotiations and contractual considerations involved in MotoGP rider transfers. It remains to be seen whether Oliveira and Honda will be able to reach an agreement and whether Aprilia will grant him permission to make the move.

Here are some pros and cons of Miguel Oliveira joining Honda in 2024:


  • Honda is one of the most successful teams in MotoGP history, and they have a lot of resources to help Oliveira succeed.
  • Oliveira would be riding a Honda RC213V, which is one of the best bikes on the grid.
  • Oliveira would be able to learn from Marc Marquez, one of the greatest MotoGP riders of all time.


  • Oliveira would be under a lot of pressure to perform at Honda.
  • Honda have been struggling in recent years, and they have not won a race since 2020.
  • Oliveira would have to leave Aprilia, a team that has shown a lot of faith in him.


The MotoGP world watches with bated breath as Miguel Oliveira’s pursuit of a Honda seat unfolds. With his desire for a three-year contract and a “heavy” salary, Oliveira is making significant demands, while also facing the hurdle of securing permission from Aprilia’s CEO, Massimo Rivola. The absence of release clauses in Aprilia’s contracts adds a layer of complexity to the negotiations.

As the final pieces of the 2024 MotoGP rider line-up fall into place, the fate of Miguel Oliveira remains uncertain. Whether he secures his coveted spot with Honda or not, his journey underscores the high-stakes, intricate world of professional motorcycle racing, where talent, ambition, and contractual considerations collide. The forthcoming season promises to be one of excitement, surprises, and shifting allegiances on the track.


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