Mio Space Trailer

Mio Space Trailer

In an era where customization and individuality dominate, the collaboration between Japanese RV maker, Kworks, and home goods manufacturer, Lixil, presents a groundbreaking revelation in the realm of portable living spaces. The Mio Space trailer, an embodiment of modern architecture melding seamlessly with nature, introduces a fresh perspective on furnished camping trailers.

By offering owners a blank canvas to tailor the space as per their inclinations, it goes beyond traditional design boundaries, marking a paradigm shift in how we perceive and utilize mobile habitats.

The Mio Space trailer, a product of the collaboration between Japanese RV maker Kworks and home goods manufacturer Lixil, is a novel reimagining of the conventional camping trailer. This unique trailer is a celebration of adaptability and modern design, seamlessly integrating with nature while providing a versatile space that can be customized to suit individual preferences.


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Design Highlights

1. Expansive Windows:

The Mio Space trailer is characterized by its large windows that allow ample natural light to flood the interior space. This not only creates a bright and airy environment but also establishes a close connection with the surrounding nature.

2. Wooden Paneling:

Both the exterior and interior of the trailer are adorned with wooden panelling. The strategic arrangement of wooden slats vertically from top to bottom imparts an aesthetic appeal and introduces an element of warmth to the space.

3. Functional Spaces:

The wooden slats are not merely decorative but are designed to be functional, providing spaces to hang and attach furniture. This feature enhances the trailer’s adaptability, allowing it to be customized based on the owner’s needs.

4. Rectangular Structure with Rounded Edges:

The trailer sports a distinctly rectangular structure, but with subtly rounded edges, lending it a unique and contemporary appearance.

5. Flexible Design Ethos:

The interior of the Mio Space trailer is deliberately left open and uncluttered. This design choice encourages owners to personalize the space as per their requirements, transforming it into either a cozy camper or an extension of their home.


Usage Possibilities

1. Camping:

The Mio Space trailer can be taken into the wilderness, where it can serve as a stylish and customizable camping abode.

2. Home Extension:

Alternatively, the trailer can be placed in the backyard of a home, serving as an additional room or space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


  1. Customizability: With its blank canvas design, owners can personalize the trailer according to their preferences and needs, making each unit unique.
  2. Versatility: Designed for both camping and as a home extension, its adaptability ensures the trailer can be utilized in multiple scenarios.
  3. Connection to Nature: Expansive windows invite natural light and provide panoramic views, fostering a close connection to the surroundings.
  4. Functional Design: Wooden slats on the interior allow for hanging and attaching furniture, enhancing the trailer’s adaptability.
  5. Modern Aesthetics: Combining wooden panelling with a contemporary structure, the Mio Space trailer offers a visually appealing design that resonates with modern architectural trends.
  6. Year-Round Use: Its design ensures that it can be used throughout the year, whether in your backyard or out in nature.


  1. Initial Emptiness: For some users, the vast emptiness of the space might seem overwhelming or intimidating, especially for those not inclined towards designing their own spaces.
  2. Maintenance: Wooden exteriors and interiors might require more frequent maintenance compared to other materials, especially when exposed to extreme weather conditions.
  3. Size Constraints: Being a trailer, there may be space constraints when compared to traditional homes or larger RVs, potentially limiting the amount and type of furniture and amenities that can be added.
  4. Cost: Depending on the materials used and its customizability features, the Mio Space trailer might be priced higher than conventional trailers.
  5. Specialized Furniture: The need for furniture that can be hung or attached to the wooden slats might require specialized or custom-made pieces, which could be harder to find and more expensive.
  6. Mobility Limitations: As a trailer designed for versatility, its mobility and ease of transport compared to dedicated camping trailers might be limited, especially if heavily customized.


By expertly merging modern architecture with the essence of nature, the Mio Space trailer redefines the concept of furnished camping trailers. Its design is a testament to adaptability and provides owners with a blank canvas to realize their creative visions. This collaboration between Kworks and Lixil is indeed a bold step towards revolutionizing the realm of portable living spaces.

The Mio Space trailer stands as a testament to the endless possibilities that arise when innovation meets style. This venture between Kworks and Lixil has redefined the concept of portable living, emphasizing adaptability and personalization. Serving dual purposes, whether as a serene escape in the wilderness or a chic extension of one’s home, the trailer embraces the spirit of modern-day living. As the lines between nature and architecture continue to blur, the Mio Space trailer is a beacon of what the future holds for sustainable, stylish, and customizable habitats.


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