European Motorcycles Market Booms in Third Quarter 2023

European Motorcycles Market

The European motorcycle market, spanning from the picturesque coasts of Portugal to the vast landscapes of Russia, has always been a dynamic and evolving segment of the automotive industry. In the third quarter of 2023, the market tells a compelling story of growth, regional disparities, and unexpected shifts.

While countries such as Turkey and Italy are revving up with significant sales growth, the electric segment, which once promised a green future for the industry, has shown an unexpected decline. This overview dives deep into the market trends, sales figures, and country-specific performances, shedding light on a sector driven by consumer preferences, technological advancements, and geopolitical factors. Buckle up as we navigate the intricate lanes of the European motorcycle industry, analyzing the leaders, the laggards, and the surprises of Q3 2023.

European Motorcycles Market Booms in Third Quarter 2023

Summary of the European Motorcycles Market for the third quarter of 2023:

  • The overall market grew by 32.6%, with Turkey being the largest market with 550,989 sales.
  • Excluding Turkey, the rest of the region grew by 4.9%.
  • The first nine months of 2023 saw sales of 1.9 million motorcycles, up 24.0%.
  • Honda is the market leader with sales up 40.1%, followed by Yamaha (+12.1%), Piaggio (-1.4%), and BMW (+7.3%).
  • The top five markets are Turkey, Italy, France, Germany, and Spain.

Q3 2023

Here are some additional insights:

  • The electric segment has declined in 2023 after a promising 2022.
  • The UK, Germany, and the Netherlands have seen declining sales in 2023.
  • Greece has seen strong sales growth in 2023.

Growth rate

Several key takeaways and analysis points can be drawn about the European motorcycle market for the third quarter of 2023:

  1. Overall Growth: The European motorcycles market witnessed a significant boost in Q3 2023, with a growth rate of 32.6%. This is a remarkable figure, indicating a strong consumer demand and possibly a combination of economic factors, favourable policies, or a post-pandemic recovery surge.
  2. Diverse Regional Performance:
  • Turkey’s Surge: Turkey has seen explosive growth with sales at 550,989, marking an increase of 139.8%. The reasons behind such a surge might be multiple – from the economic recovery, new product launches, favourable governmental policies, or increased consumer purchasing power.
  • Steady and Declining Markets: The UK and Germany have relatively steady markets, while France has witnessed a decline. It’s crucial to dig deeper into these markets to understand the root causes.
  • Other Notable Performers: Italy, Greece, and Spain have shown positive trends with growth rates of 17.2%, 14.2%, and 12.7% respectively. However, the Netherlands seems to be facing challenges with a steep decline of 28.4%.

Electric segment

  1. Electric Segment Decline: A notable point is the decline in the electric segment in 2023, which is surprising given the global push towards green energy and electric mobility. This decline may point towards issues such as infrastructure challenges, battery technologies, or pricing dynamics which might be affecting consumer adoption.
  2. Market Leaders:
  • Honda’s Dominance: Honda leads the market with a significant growth of 40.1%, possibly due to new product launches, aggressive marketing, or robust after-sales service.
  • Other Key Players: Yamaha has also shown a positive trend with a growth of 12.1%. In contrast, Piaggio saw a slight dip of 1.4%, and BMW recorded a decent growth of 7.3%. Understanding the strategies of these top players can provide insights into market dynamics and consumer preferences.
  1. Exclusion of Powered Bicycles: It’s also important to note that powered bicycles are not considered in this analysis. This choice may provide a more focused view on traditional motorcycles and ATVs but might leave out an emerging segment which is gaining traction in several European countries.


The European Motorcycles Market in Q3 2023 showcases a dynamic landscape with diverse growth patterns across countries. While some countries like Turkey and Italy are booming, others like the Netherlands are facing challenges. The decline in the electric segment is an area that needs further exploration, especially in the context of the global push towards sustainability. As market players jostle for dominance, Honda’s strategies seem to be paying off, while others like Piaggio might need to re-evaluate their market approach.

For businesses and stakeholders, understanding these nuances and diving deeper into country-specific data, as mentioned in the dedicated posts, will be crucial for making informed decisions.


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