• British sports carmaker Lotus is set to announce its entry into the Indian market on November 9, 2023.
  • It has partnered with Exclusive Motors to set up its first dealership in New Delhi.
  • The company plans to initially roll out two models: the Emira sportscar and the Eletre electric SUV.
  • The Emira is a 2-door sports coupe that made its global debut in 2021.
  • The Eletre is the brand’s first all-electric SUV.

Exclusive Motors Partnership

British sports car manufacturer Lotus is charting new territory with its announced entry into the Indian market on November 9, 2023. Known for its heritage in performance engineering and racing, Lotus’s expansion to India is a strategic move to tap into the burgeoning luxury car segment.

In collaboration with Exclusive Motors, the brand is set to unveil its first dealership in the capital city of New Delhi. The initial launch lineup is poised to make a strong impression with the inclusion of the Emira sportscar, boasting powertrains sourced from Toyota and Mercedes-AMG, and the Eletre, Lotus’s first all-electric SUV designed for high performance with an impressive 600 km range on a single charge.

New Delhi Dealership

The reported entry of Lotus into the Indian market represents a significant expansion for the iconic British sports car manufacturer, known for its heritage in performance and racing. Here’s a breakdown of what this means:

  • Market Strategy: Entering India signals Lotus’s strategy to capitalize on the growing luxury and performance vehicle segment in the country. With rising incomes and a strong affinity for luxury brands, India offers a promising market for high-end carmakers.
  • Partnership with Exclusive Motors: By partnering with an established player like Exclusive Motors, Lotus can leverage local expertise and existing luxury automotive market know-how. Exclusive Motors has experience dealing with high-end clientele and can provide the necessary support for Lotus’s operations, including sales, service, and customer experience.
  • Dealership in New Delhi: New Delhi is a strategic choice for Lotus’s first dealership in India. As the capital city, it has a high concentration of affluent buyers and car enthusiasts, making it an ideal location to establish the brand’s presence.

British Sports Carmaker

  • Initial Offerings – The Emira and The Eletre:
  • Emira: The introduction of the Emira, with its choice of a Toyota-sourced supercharged V6 or a Mercedes-AMG turbocharged inline-4, caters to both traditional sports car enthusiasts and those seeking modern performance. The option of manual or automatic transmissions with the V6 is a nod to driving purists, while the dual-clutch automatic option with the AMG unit appeals to those who prefer cutting-edge technology and convenience.
  • Eletre: The Eletre signals Lotus’s foray into the electric vehicle (EV) segment, with performance figures that are set to compete with some of the fastest SUVs in the market, both traditional ICE and electric. The promise of a sprint from 0-100 km/h in under 3 seconds and a top speed of 260 km/h places it in the high-performance bracket. The range of 600 km on a single charge (as per the WLTP cycle) addresses range anxiety, making it a viable option for both city commuting and longer journeys.

Indian Market Entry and Electrification

  • Electric Premium Architecture: The use of a dedicated electric platform indicates Lotus’s commitment to EV technology and suggests potential for future electric models.
  • Impact on Indian Automotive Market: Lotus’s entry could spur more competition in the high-performance sports car and luxury EV segments, encouraging other manufacturers to introduce their latest models and technologies.


Lotus’s foray into the Indian market represents a bold stride in the brand’s global journey, marking a significant milestone that reflects the growing appetite for luxury and performance vehicles in India. With the upcoming launch of its New Delhi dealership, Lotus is poised to deliver a blend of traditional sports car thrills with the Emira and cutting-edge electric mobility with the Eletre.

This move by Lotus is also in line with the global automotive industry’s shift towards electrification. By introducing the all-electric Eletre, Lotus is not just tapping into the growing EV market in India but also aligning itself with the Indian government’s push towards electric mobility.

For enthusiasts and potential customers in India, this is an opportunity to experience a brand with a rich heritage in performance and motorsports, now bringing its expertise to both traditional combustion engines and electric powertrains. The entrance of Lotus into India is a testament to the global nature of the automotive market and the increasing importance of India as a destination for luxury automobiles.

 Autocar India

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