Tesla Cybertruck Matte Black

Tesla Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck’s unique and futuristic design certainly stands out, and seeing it in different colours or wraps just adds to the excitement around this highly anticipated vehicle. The sighting of Franz von Holzhausen driving a black-wrapped Cybertruck could indeed be a hint at what’s to come in terms of customization options for the truck.

The matte black look on the Cybertruck appears sleek and gives it an even more stealthy and robust appearance. Black is a colour that often conveys elegance and sophistication, and it seems to complement the angular lines of the Cybertruck quite well, making it look both timeless and imposing.


Regarding colour preferences, it’s a personal choice, but some classic options that are usually offered by manufacturers and are popular with consumers include:

  • Matte Black: Offers a stealthy and premium look.
  • Glossy White: Provides a stark contrast to the black, giving a modern and clean appearance.
  • Metallic Silver or Grey: These colours can highlight the Cybertruck’s industrial design.
  • Deep Blue: Gives the vehicle a more vibrant yet still sophisticated character.
  • Red: For those who want their Cybertruck to really stand out.

Factory Wraps

When it comes to the ease of wrapping the Cybertruck, the vehicle’s flat surfaces and sharp angles might make it somewhat easier for professionals to apply wraps with fewer curves to contend with. However, the large size of the Cybertruck could still make the process more time-consuming and expensive compared to smaller vehicles.

In terms of pricing for a factory wrap, your guess of $10,000+ could be in the right ballpark, especially given the premium pricing already established for smaller Tesla models. The actual cost would depend on a number of factors, including the complexity of the wrapping process for the Cybertruck’s unique shape and the type of material used.

Tesla Cybertruck Matte Black

Matte Black Cybertruck

The potential addition of factory wrap options would indeed offer a degree of personalization that many buyers might be looking for, especially those who want to differentiate their vehicle or are not fans of the standard stainless steel finish.

As for when this option might become available, it would depend on Tesla’s production timelines and how quickly they can set up the necessary facilities to offer such customization. If Tesla follows the pattern of offering premium wraps a few months after launch, it might not be long after the initial deliveries begin. However, as with many things related to Tesla and particularly the Cybertruck, timelines can be fluid, and it’s wise to stay tuned for official announcements.


  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Wraps would allow owners to personalize their Cybertrucks, making them stand out or align with their personal style preferences.
  2. Protection: Wraps can protect the original vehicle exterior from scratches, weathering, and UV rays, preserving the vehicle’s appearance and potentially its value.
  3. Resale Value: The ability to remove or change wraps means that owners can return the vehicle to its original condition, which could be beneficial for resale.
  4. Exclusivity: A factory wrap option might provide designs that are unique to Tesla, giving an extra touch of exclusivity and branding.
  5. Durability: Factory wraps are likely to be of high quality and durability since they would be applied with manufacturer-grade materials and techniques.
  6. Warranty: Tesla’s factory-applied wraps would probably come with a warranty, ensuring that any defects or issues would be handled by the manufacturer.


  1. Cost: As speculated, wrapping a Cybertruck could be quite expensive, potentially limiting the option to those with more flexible budgets.
  2. Maintenance: Wraps require maintenance and care to keep them looking good; for example, they can be damaged by abrasive cleaning agents or techniques.
  3. Longevity: While wraps are durable, they don’t last forever and can show wear and tear over time, especially in harsh climates or conditions.
  4. Limited Options: Factory wrap options might be limited in colors and textures compared to third-party providers, who may offer a wider range of customization.
  5. Production Delays: Offering a new customization option might complicate production processes and lead to longer delivery times, especially if the option proves popular.
  6. Perceived Quality: Some might perceive a wrapped vehicle as less premium than one with a traditional paint job, which could affect the appeal for certain buyers.

Market Expectations

Tesla’s Cybertruck in any colour, but especially in something as bold as matte black, would be a sight to behold on the road, and I’m sure many are excited to see the variety of personalized options that will eventually become available for this distinctive vehicle.


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