Indian Pursuit

Indian Motorcycle might be a pretty well-known brand nowadays. But it hasn’t always been the case. Having been overlooked by many people for some time now. The Indian Motorcycle was born way back in 1901. 

Being one of the few remaining American motorcycle manufacturers. The company entered the game at a time when motorcycles were still looked down on by most. 

Since then, nearly seventy years have passed, and Indian Motorcycle is more than ready to show the world.How its bikes can revitalize an ageing segment it helped create decades ago.


Several days ago, we discovered the Indian Motorcycle Company has trademarked “Pursuit” as the name of a new model. Thought to be intended for a future release, although the trademark has been active for some time. 

Indian Pursuit


Cycle World had scooped of the upcoming model, which displayed a full-dress tourer.Complete with wind protection and luggage compartments. They published more information about this new bike, revealing two variants—Dark Horse and Limited.

Details are still scant at best, but the Pursuit will feature a 1,768cc V-twin engine for the base model, generating 121 bhp and 131 lbs of torque. The powerplant arrives from Challenger. The upcoming Indian bagger will have much weight.

Dark Horse will get a compact design with more blacked-out elements and less chrome. At the same time.The Limited variant will get much chrome with bright shades and fancy style. Pursuit will take cues from the Indian Challenger when it comes to style.

The model, which has been rumoured for several years now. Will be the giant bike in the Indian lineup and their most premium street model. Similar to the Challenger and Scout models, it will share the same intake, exhaust. And ECU tuning as the Pursuit. 

It indicates performance should be nearly identical to these motorcycles to expect an aggressive machine with more than a little off-road capability.

via Cycleworld

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