Moto Morini unveils the new Seiemmezzo 6½ STR & SCR models

 Moto Morini unveils the new Seiemmezzo 6½ STR & SCR models

Hailing from the world-famous Italian motorcycle manufacturer MOTO MORINI, 

MOTO MORINI introduced the new two Seiemmezzo 6½ models STR (road version) and SCR (Scrambler version) at this year’s Chongqing Motor Expo, exhibited in the Fan Stage presented by MOTO MORINI.

Moto Morini has introduced several changes in the Seiemmezzo 6½ series. 

Including creating a more compact design with a bottom rocker panel cutline adopted to improve the vehicle’s aesthetics. 

Seiemmezzo 6

Allowing it to also match the two-seater models compared with equivalent models. 

Like X-CAPE, both these Seiemmezzo 6½ models arrive with the para twin 649cc powerplant from Chunfeng.

To make the engine more user-friendly, MOTO MORINI’ European Team and Bosch have retuned it.

The STR retains the classic MILANO style but has a more modern design language. 

Seiemmezzo 6-2


The classic style comes integrated with new elements. The shape is solid. The design of the STR character line is more like a human face. 

And the cowl on the front fender shows the determination and confidence of its own identity.

The design is lightweight and arrives with an aluminium alloy rear rocker arm.

Seiemmezzo 6-3

The frame has been designed with a priority on reliability and style, similar to the Seiemmezzo 6½ STR with the same 20 chromium-molybdenum alloy steel, but with a different attitude.

It also comes with Giant braided spoked wheels, Pirelli turtleback all-terrain tires and more.

The Seiemmezzo 6½ STR and SCR versions also further come stacked with the LED lights supported by the suspension lens. The headlights also get the lamp ring which does look very different.

Same with the suspension, both these versions also get adjustable suspensions. The seats arrive with posh Italian aesthetics.

Braking duties are performed by high-end dual-piston callipers Brembos on both ends.

Seiemmezzo 6-3

The electronic package comes packed with the 5-inch TFT full-LCD console responsible for displaying vital information like fuel, speed, mileage and more.

The performance specs are under wraps but may not be different from the X-CAPE.

Images: X-Car


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