While there is anxiety as talks between Pramac and Ducati are high and that has brought confidence level of riders Andrea Dovizioso, Danilo Petrucci down and we see Miller as well. Well for those who are entangled we feel have taken it sorely.

Speaking to Motoit Andrea Dovizioso said he is not tensed about all the rumors and he is focused on they should fight against Marquez to win the race.

He further said how Marquez is strong and beating him won’t be easy as he is in good form and he is the one who is favorites in a current position to win the race.


Dovi added morning conditions were good and they were able to do certain tests and he felt quite positive and confident about it.

Ducati has always won and but in the last two years Marquez has reached another level but despite that, we would like to stay unbeaten.

Cover Photo: Ducati


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