Ilmberger Carbon specialist in building accessories for various bikes has brought new accessories for the new speed champion BMW S 1000 RR current model.

Although the new S1000RR comes with a variety of extra components and extra types of equipment that you may want to add while buying the new BMW S 1000 RR.

But if you are looking to add more and different components that will not make BMW S 1000 RR more performance-oriented. These components are largely made up of Carbon fiber to make the bike look sharper and aesthetically beautiful.

As far as colors go there are various colors in the components like white, blue, black and red. To make your choice Ilmberger Caron has brought a lot many components like Cockpit Cover, Heel protector, Harness cover and many more.

List of components for BMW S 1000 RR (2019)

Component Price in euro)
Cockpit Cover 159.90
Rear fairing (without pillion) 799.89
Rear center section (without pillion) 399.90
Heel protector (left and right) 139.90 (per piece)
Rear fairing (left and right) 289.90 (per piece)
Harness cover 139.90
License plate holder 249.90
Rear fender including chain guard 349.90
Front fender 299.90
Clutch cover 199.90
Alternator cover 179.90
Air outlet on the right 199.90
Badge holder (left and right) 289.90 (per piece)
Frame cover (left and right, large version) 219.90 (per piece)
Frame cover (left and right, small version) 199,90 (per piece)
Frame rear cover (below) 299.90
Sprocket cover 179.90
Swing cover (left and right) 199,90 (per piece)
Side cover (left and right on the tank) 299.90
Side cover including side cover insert (left and right on the tank) 289.90
Pillion seat cover 299.90
Tank cover (top) 249.90
Cladding middle part (top) 399.90
Fairing shell (one-piece) 499.90
Panel side panel (left and right) 499.90 (per piece)
Fairing lower part for racing complete exhaust system 799.89
Fairing lower part (long version) 799.89
Water pump cover cover 99.90
Zündrotorabdeckung 189.90
Rear middle section (with pillion) 399.90

If you are looking forward to changing your bike to look it aesthetically more beautiful and eye-catchy than these components are for your part from the factory components.

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