MV Agusta Motor S.p.A. is announcing a 50 minutes documentary film to celebrate its 75th anniversary. 

The film is a behind-the-scenes, compelling account of what the Italian brand represents today and has achieved over seven decades. 


In the eyes of 8 testimonials-extraordinaire whom each has crossed the iconic bike path from Schiranna in some significant way. 

The plot also develops along two other lines: the company’s storytelling. And an exciting introduction to the latest generation of MV Agusta bikes, with a strong focus on the brand’s future.

You see a bike

The title of the film, “You see a bike”, expresses the idea that. Beyond the unquestionable reality of the object, every one of us sees, in that very bike, something different. 

The characters in the film share their intimate view, offering a new, unexpected perspective on MV Agusta every time.

A narrative mechanism is revealed right from the opening lines: “A bike is never just a bike. You think you’re just looking at the surface, and you’re already looking behind. Many meanings come to life before your eyes when you see a bike.” 

The viewer goes into a fascinating universe of the characters. Who share some very personal anecdotes about their relationship with the brand and motorcycling in general. 

Intersected with MV Agusta’s insiders telling the story from the company’s point of view. We also witness the birth of the brand’s latest iconic models.

Directed by Andrea Manenti and produced by Addiction-PianoB. You see, a bike was shot between 2020 and 2021, amid the pandemic, with all the technical difficulties that the situation entailed.  


Nevertheless, the result is a poignant, unconventional and captivating account of the past, present and future of the world’s most iconic maker of motorcycles. 

And the video has all the prominent names like 

  • Timur Sardarov,
  • Ratmir Sardarov,
  • Brian Gillen,
  • Filippo Bassoli,
  • Marta Trezzi,
  • Horacio Pagani,
  • Roland Sands
  • Carl Cox ,
  • Ottavio Missoni,
  • Thibaut Nogues,
  • Gigi Soldano,
  • Milestone Videogames,
  • Giacomo Agostini and
  • Virginio Ferrari.

Choice of characters was not casual. Each of these individuals is universally recognised in a field that belongs to MV Agusta’s DNA; design, lifestyle, industrial excellence, and racing. 

These out-of-the-ordinary people could also create a strong sense of belonging to an ideal, just like the MV community, or better, tribe.

The film also shows how videogame designers from Milestone. Makers of some of the world’s most successful racing titles have gone about assimilating and incorporating MV Agusta models into their RIDE videogame.

While gamification represents the ultimate consecration for any product or brand, it is also a very effective way to reach out to the new generations, part of MV Agusta’s strategic targets for the future.


Timur Sardarov, CEO of MV Agusta Motors S.p.A., commented: “I instantly liked this particular project for its different approach. 

This film is dynamic, alive and fresh, about our present, products. It’s avant-garde and forward-looking. It’s about our enthusiasm and our confidence in the future. 

It also, and quite rightly, salutes our glorious heritage and the legacy of those who made MV Agusta a legend. But it also offers a privileged view of how we are today and what we stand for. 

We really bared our soul as a gift to MV Agusta fans worldwide and explored the di facets of our world and the fundamental values that define us. With the help of external personalities who are champions of those same values in their own fields. 

I think the film is also enjoyable from an artistic point of view. And I am confident will appreciate across generations, bikers and non-bikers alike.

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