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New Helstons Helmets

Discover Helstons’ latest range of full-face helmets, a perfect blend of retro style and modern safety. These helmets, designed for the style-conscious rider, feature a lightweight carbon fibre shell and comply with the ECE 22.06 safety standard.

Choose from three distinct models: the understated Naked Full Face Matte, the elegant Naked Full Face Brilliant, and the race-inspired Full Face Racing, each offering top-notch protection with a classic aesthetic. Equipped with multi-density EPS liners, sun and transparent visors, and washable liners, Helstons’ helmets are crafted for comfort, safety, and style. Elevate your ride with Helstons’ fusion of vintage charm and contemporary technology.

Full-Face Helmet

They have recently expanded its product line with a new range of full-face helmets. These helmets, while retaining a classic aesthetic, integrate modern safety technologies, reflecting the brand’s commitment to stylish yet secure riding gear.

Summary of Helstons’ New Full-Face Helmet Range:


Key points:

  • Helstons has released a new lineup of 3 full-face helmets: Naked Full Face Matte, Naked Full Face Brilliant, and Full Face Racing.
  • All helmets share the same design ethos: retro style with modern protection.
  • Features include:
    • Carbon fibre shell for lightweight build and feel.
    • Multi-density EPS liner for impact absorption.
    • Double-D buckle closure system.
    • Top and bottom vents for ventilation.
    • Removable and washable liners.
    • Sun visor and transparent visor included.
    • Visor locking mechanism for added security.
    • Compliant with the latest ECE 22.06 safety standard.

Retro Style Helmet

Differences between the helmets:

  • Naked Full Face Matte: Matte finish for understated, rugged appeal.
  • Naked Full Face Brilliant: Glossy finish for an elegant, sophisticated look.
  • Full Face Racing: Exposed carbon weave and subtle checkered flag for racing aesthetic.
  • Naked Full Face Matte: This helmet features a matte finish, giving it a subdued and slightly rugged look. Its slim profile and barebones construction contribute to an authentic retro feel. However, beneath this classic exterior lies modern technology for safety. It’s equipped with a lightweight carbon fibre shell and a multi-density EPS liner that absorbs impacts. Additional features include a double-D buckle, top and bottom vents, and removable, washable liners.
  • Naked Full Face Brilliant: Similar to the Matte version in structure, the Brilliant variant stands out with its glossy finish. This finish appeals to riders seeking a more elegant and sophisticated appearance, complementing classic or modern-classic motorcycles like the Triumph Bonneville or BMW R nineT.
  • Full Face Racing: This model draws inspiration from retro racing aesthetics. It showcases an exposed carbon weave and features a subtle, elegant checkered flag design at the chin bar and at the base of the helmet, transitioning from grey to white. Like its counterparts, it boasts a carbon frame, washable interior, and multi-density EPS liner.

Modern Safety Helmet

Helstons’ new lineup of full-face helmets offers a unique blend of retro style and modern safety features. Here’s a key analysis of their offerings:

  • Combination of Style and Safety: The primary appeal of Helstons’ helmets is their ability to blend retro aesthetics with modern safety standards. This approach caters to a specific market segment – riders who are style-conscious but do not want to compromise on safety.
  • Diverse Range with Specific Focus: Offering three different models (Naked Full Face Matte, Naked Full Face Brilliant, and Full Face Racing), Helstons provides options for various preferences while maintaining a consistent theme. Each helmet, though distinct in appearance, adheres to the brand’s ethos of combining retro style with modern technology.
  • Use of Advanced Materials: The carbon fibre shell in all three models is a significant feature. Carbon fiber is renowned for its strength-to-weight ratio, offering lightweight yet durable protection, a crucial factor in helmet design.
  • Attention to Detail and Comfort: Features like multi-density EPS (which absorbs impacts), top and bottom vents (for adequate ventilation), and washable liners (for hygiene and comfort) indicate Helstons’ attention to detail. These features enhance the user experience, balancing comfort with safety.
  • Compliance with Safety Standards: Adhering to the latest ECE 22.06 safety standard is a vital aspect. It not only ensures that the helmets provide adequate protection but also instils trust in consumers about the product’s quality and safety.
  • Target Market: Helstons targets a niche market – riders who appreciate vintage or neo-retro aesthetics but also demand contemporary safety features. This market segment is likely to value the combination of style and substance.
  • Unique Finishes and Aesthetics: The difference in finishes (matte vs. glossy) and the racing-inspired design of the Full Face Racing model cater to personal style preferences, allowing riders to choose a helmet that complements their look and their motorcycle.
  • Functional Additions: The inclusion of a sun visor, transparent visor, and a visor locking mechanism addresses practical needs for riders, such as visibility under varying light conditions and safety at high speeds.

ECE 22.06 Standard


Helstons’ new helmet range demonstrates an understanding of their target market’s desires, offering products that fuse retro charm with modern safety technology. This approach not only aligns with the current trend of vintage revival in the motorcycle industry but also meets the practical needs of riders.

All three helmets in Helstons’ new range come standard with both a sun visor and a transparent visor. They have a visor locking mechanism for safety at high speeds, and upper and lower vents for sufficient ventilation, even in city traffic. The washable inner liners ensure hygiene and durability. Moreover, all helmets include a standard double-D closure system and comply with the ECE 22.06 safety standard.

These helmets by Helstons blend the charm of retro styling with the assurance of modern safety features, offering a comprehensive choice for riders who value both aesthetics and protection.

Gear up with Helstons’ latest collection of full-face helmets and embrace the perfect mix of retro elegance and modern safety on your next ride. Whether you prefer the sleek Naked Full Face Matte, the sophisticated Naked Full Face Brilliant, or the sporty Full Face Racing, Helstons has you covered. Experience the unparalleled fusion of style and protection. Visit their website or your nearest dealer today and find the helmet that matches your style and safety needs. Ride with confidence and flair – Choose Helstons for your next journey.

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