The Kawasaki Z900RS has been a fan favorite among motorcycle enthusiasts, and the 2025 update in Indonesia brings exciting new color schemes. This inline-four, modern-classic roadster continues to impress with its blend of retro style and modern performance.

New Color Variants: Standard and Café

Kawasaki has introduced two striking variants for the Z900RS – Standard and Café. Both trims now sport new shades that are sure to turn heads on the streets.



Café Variant: Sleek and Stylish

The Café variant boasts a full black theme with a subtle splash of green on the bubble fairing, fuel tank, and rear cowl. This design not only enhances its sporty appeal but also maintains the classic café racer look.

Standard Variant: A Nod to the Past

The Standard version of the Z900RS comes with maroon bodywork adorned with elegant golden stripes on the tank and tail. This color scheme is inspired by Kawasaki’s iconic 1975 Z1 900, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate classic motorcycle heritage.

Retro Kawasaki Logo

Both variants proudly display a retro Kawasaki logo from the 70s, adding an authentic vintage touch to the bike’s modern aesthetics.

Unchanged Mechanics: Tried and True Performance

Mechanically, the Kawasaki Z900RS remains unchanged. It is powered by the same robust 948cc, inline four-cylinder engine found in the Z900 naked street bike. This engine delivers an impressive 109.96 bhp and 98.5 Nm of peak torque, mated to a six-speed gearbox for smooth and responsive performance.

Key Features: Modern Meets Retro

Despite its classic look, the Z900RS is packed with modern features:

  • Full LED lighting: Ensures visibility and adds a modern touch.
  • Slipper clutch: Provides smoother downshifts and prevents rear-wheel lock-up.
  • Traction control: Enhances safety by managing wheel slip.

Hardware and Braking: Built for Performance

The hardware setup of the Kawasaki Z900RS includes:

  • 17-inch alloy wheels: Perfect for both urban and highway rides.
  • 41mm upside-down front forks: Offer excellent handling and stability.
  • Preload-adjustable rear monoshock: Allows for a customizable riding experience.
  • Dual 300mm discs at the front and a single 250mm disc at the rear: Ensure reliable and powerful braking performance.

Fuel Capacity and Weight

With a 17-litre fuel tank, the Z900RS has a kerb weight of 215 kg, making it a well-balanced bike that’s easy to handle.

Price Comparison: Z900RS vs. Z900 Naked Street Bike

In India, the Kawasaki Z900RS is available only in a black and grey color scheme, priced at Rs. 16.80 lakh (ex-showroom). Interestingly, the Z900 naked street bike, which shares the same engine, hardware, and features, is significantly more affordable at Rs. 9.38 lakh (ex-showroom).

Conclusion: The 2025 Kawasaki Z900RS – Classic Charm with Modern Updates

The 2025 update of the Kawasaki Z900RS in Indonesia brings refreshing new colors that enhance its classic charm. While it retains the robust performance and modern features, the addition of new color schemes and the retro Kawasaki logo make it a standout choice for motorcycle enthusiasts. Whether you prefer the sleek Café variant or the heritage-inspired Standard version, the Z900RS continues to be a compelling blend of retro style and modern performance.

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