LEGO has always been an instant classic in almost everyone’s childhood. Now, they are bringing back those nostalgic childhood memories with their new City Stuntz sets. 

These sets include various stunt bikes that feature fancy flywheel mechanisms for boosting the rider into the air upon release. Each has its special bikes and colours.

These characters are stuntmen with skills that will make real-life motocross or ATV riders blush.


 But the fun doesn’t stop there. The regular citizens of LEGO city can build their motorized vehicles. 


And try them out as well at one of the many stunt parks scattered throughout several locations in the game, such as a construction site, radio tower, a riding school, and more.

Featuring six stunt performers, each with a motorcycle of their own, this product is a big jump from the previous LEGO motorcycles (which featured one rider on one bike). 

These days, motorcycling has become more prolific in pop culture than ever before, but that doesn’t mean that every kid wants to hop on a bike and give it a try.



The new characters include Raze, Wallop, Rocket Racer, Spotlight, Clemmons, and firefighter Freya McCloud.

The collection features characters combing the city to overcome missions. 

The main characters include Raze, who is on the lookout for criminals, Wallop, who uses his strength for various heavy lifting jobs, and Rocket Racer, an enthusiastic BMX athlete with lots of tricks up his sleeve. 

Additional main characters include Spot Light, Clemmons, and a firefighter named Freya McCloud. 

These new LEGO creations cater to a broad audience and are very appealing, perfect for adults and young children alike.


LEGO also has come up with Stunt Show Arena, Stunt Park, and Stunt Show Truck. The price of each set starts from $29.99 and $99.99.

The kits have varied complexity, and they have 120-420 pieces. Individuals above 5+ age get suitability to these characters, and they start from $7.99. These are available from October 1, 2021.

via Lego

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