The electric two-wheeler landscape is rapidly evolving, and Berlin-based startup, Naon, is setting a commendable precedent with its focus on sustainability, local production, and the interplay of aesthetics and functionality. Their newly unveiled model, the Lucy, stands as a testament to their commitment.

Here are some of the key features of the Naon Lucy:

  • Two versions: the L1e electric moped and the L3e light motorcycle
  • Top speed of 28 mph (L1e) or 60 mph (L3e)
  • Range of 100 miles
  • 7 kW hub motor
  • 5.2 kWh swappable battery
  • ABS-equipped disc brakes
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Minimalist styling

A Locally Produced Sustainable Option

One of the striking features of Naon’s approach is its emphasis on local production. By producing the scooter entirely in Germany and sourcing materials domestically, they are not just contributing to the local economy, but also significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with transporting goods and materials internationally. This approach represents a sustainable vision for the future where globalized mass production may be eschewed in favour of more region-specific, conscious manufacturing.


Lucy’s Specifications: Performance Meets Aesthetics

The Naon Lucy is available in two versions to cater to different market segments:
1. L1e – Caters to users looking for an efficient commute within city limits. At a top speed of 28 mph, it’s ideal for urban environments.
2. L3e – With a top speed of 60 mph, this version is more suited for users who might occasionally need to venture beyond city limits or have a need for speed.

The scooter’s technical specs, such as the 7 kW hub motor and the 5.2 kWh swappable battery, show a good blend of performance and practicality. The claimed 100-mile range on a single charge can cover the needs of most urban commuters for several days without recharging.

A Design for the Modern Age

From a design standpoint, the transition from the Zero-One prototype to Lucy showcases Naon’s dedication to refinement. The scooter’s minimalist design aligns with the prevailing contemporary aesthetic. Yet, the design is not just about looks. Practical enhancements, such as the low-mounted battery pack, ensure stability and preserve under-seat storage, a much-desired feature for urban commuters.


The Naon Lucy symbolizes what the future of urban mobility could look like: sustainable, locally produced, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. As more companies adopt such holistic approaches, not only will urban mobility transform, but it will also pave the way for a more sustainable and conscious global ecosystem.

Motorrad Online, Naon

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